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Anna Maria Island Community Leadership

Island Real Estate has been active in the community for more than 50 years.  Not just following, but leading!

Anna Maria Island Island Chamber of Commerce - For more than a quarter of a century Island Real Estate has played an integral role in the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce.  Over that period of time we have always had a director on the chamber and Island Real Estate has seen three prior Chairman of the Board.  Frank Davis, Alan Galletto and most recently Larry Chatt.  

Frank Davis as well as Larry Chatt have won the prestigious Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island Business person of the year award.  Larry Chatt was a key contributor to keep the Anna Maria Island Trolley free which to date has provided more than $100,000 in contributions to not for profit organizations on Anna Maria Island.

Island Real Estate has been a long contributor to the Anna Maria Island Elementary School.  We have participated in sponsoring their fish tank, yearbook, and several annual events such as dolphin dash, dances and many more.

In addition to the above community leadership we have sponsored over the decades the Anna Maria Island Center in Anna Maria City, Anna Maria Island Historical Society, various community events like Wine on Pine, Anna Maria Island Bayfest, Eternal Summer Surf Camp,  and more.

Finally Larry Chatt was a key leader in organizing the Anna Maria Island Vacation Property Association.  A not for profit constructed by Larry Chatt and local property managers to beat back unfair Anna Maria Island Vacation Rental statutes that would have all but abolished weekly vacation rentals on Anna Maria Island in 2015.  Larry Chatt has spent more than a decade actively involved with the Cities to ensure our rights to rent on Anna Maria Island stays in tact.