Anna Maria Island – Beach Re-Nourishment Project


Manatee County is awaiting approval on an exciting beach re-nourishment project that they have submitted to the federal government. Decisions will be made at the end of August and the state of FL is determining grants based on county submitted information which includes resort taxes and its ability to generate funds locally. Currently there is 16 million in funds appropriated to re-nourish beaches that were severely diminished by Tropical Storm Debbie. If awarded the project will commence in November at 78th street in Holmes Beach and will take about 6 months, ending in coquina sands. This will include dredge pipes to pump and redistribute sand that the storm built up and Cortez Beach groins that need to be replaced. Once this project is accomplished Manatee County Natural Resources director Charlie Hunsicker hopes to continue with a state and county project for the long boat pass.

For questions all available information can be obtained by calling the Jacksonville Resource Committee at (904) 232-3455


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