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Anna Maria Island Rentals

Anna Maria Island is a barrier island off the Florida coast that has been attracting vacationers since the early 1900’s. Known around the world for its pristine turquoise waters and soft, white, sandy beaches, Anna Maria Island is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world. Without any highrises, fast food restaurants, or roads with speed limits exceeding 35 MPH, Anna Maria Island is one of the few places that still have that “old Florida” feel.

Island Real has been serving Anna Maria Island’s vacation rental and real estate needs for more than 50 years. We have vacation rentals to fit any of your needs, from pet friendly rentals to beachfront properties with stunning views of the gulf. Need help finding the right rental for you? Contact the Island Real team today!

Popular Anna Maria Island Rental Searches

Check out some of our most popular searches and get the best rate on your Anna Maria Island vacation rental! From pet friendly homes to oceanfront rentals with private pools, we have something for everyone at Island Real.

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Where can I find your vacation rentals on Anna Maria Island?

Our rentals are spread throughout Anna Maria Island, giving our guests the power to choose where they want to stay on the island. For those traveling with their dogs, we offer pet friendly vacation rentals that are perfect for the whole family. To be as close to the ocean as possible, be sure to check out our beachfront rentals.

What are some fun things to do on Anna Maria Island?

Anna Maria Island is best known for its soft, sandy beaches and stunning turquoise water. With seven miles of beach to explore, there's plenty to keep the kids and parents entertained. If you want to shake things up on your trip, check out what the locals say are the best things to do on Anna Maria Island.

Where is Anna Maria Island?

Anna Maria Island is 109 miles west of Florida as the crow flies, but it's just over 117 miles by car. It's about an hour and a half southwest of Tampa International Airport and 30 minutes northwest of the Sarasora-Bradenton International Airport. Anna Maria Island is also abour 2 hours southwest of Orlando and Disney World.

What is the difference between Anna Maria and Anna Maria Island?

For sure this can be confusing. Anna Maria Island is made up of three cities. Bradenton Beach, the most Southern City. Holmes Beach which is in the middle of the Island and the most Northern City is Anna Maria City. So when someone refers to Anna Maria it could be short for Anna Maria Island or it could be short for Anna Maria City. Most of the time when a local references Anna Maria means Anna Maria City.

Are there supermarkets on Anna Maria Island?

Yes, Publix located on Anna Maria Island is a major grocery store. It has a deli, bakery, seafood along with all the normal amenities. The grocery store does get very busy Saturday afternoon as well as Sunday due to the high amount of vacation rental check in’s on Saturdays.