Gulf Coast Spill Visitor Update May 13th, 2010

Situation Room Report – May 13th, 2010 – Noon – Report #15

Gulf Coast oils spill update: The 72-hour NOAA trajectory shows no oil landfall in the state of Florida.

The NOAA oil trajectory model shows the spill, 81 miles southwest of Pensacola, 171 miles from Port St. Joe and 316 miles from St. Petersburg, Florida.   In the Gulf of Mexico there are moderate southeast winds of 12 knots and seas of 3-5 feet.  These conditions will continue to exist through today and tomorrow.  Gulf winds will lessen this weekend, but an overall pattern of easterly wind will continue Sunday and means the oil spill will be pushed to the west-northwest through the next 72 hours.

Click here for the NOAA 72 hour forecasted trajectory of the oil spill.

I found a fairly informative video of BP leadership. They discuss the plug technology as well as the smaller top hat. The video is almost an hour and if you want to skip to the technical explanation then move the cursor to the point where the bald individual is speaking with the large white model in front of him on the table. That is really the good stuff. BP technical video.

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