Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 1~29~10 ~ Paragliding at Sunset

Richie King paraglides over Anna Maria Island!
Richie King paraglides over Anna Maria Island!

This last week has brought a mixture of cooler weather and some days of very pleasant, warm weather. On one of my evenings while shooting a sunset I caught some activity at the north end of Anna Maria Island. Richie King was flying high in his paraglider observing a spectacular sunset as his image reflected the colors of the sun.  I wondered what thoughts you must have with such a view as you look over the horizon into the stillness of the evening with only the soft sound of the motor on the glider.
What a wonderful place to clear your mind while you allow your eyes to soak up the amazing glow of a sunset and watch the sun effortlessly sink into the Gulf of Mexico. This gave me a thought! Maybe it is time for me to take up paragliding! I could get some great shots of the sunset from that perspective. On the other side of the coin, the cold weather that brought some awesome sunsets into view also caused much of the vegetation including the fish, turtles and manatees to die. Rescue was in place for the suffering and many were moved to a warmer location. They can survive if only for a few days but we have had several weeks of colder weather this year and the warm waters of the Gulf are a bit cooler now. We actually had a fall in January where many of the trees turned to fall colors. That is a first for me! You have to remember we also hit 80 degrees last week! A special shout-out to Richie and my clients Russ and Ann who were some of my silhouettes at sunset. Remember to click on the gallery pictures to enlarge them and please, enjoy the sunset!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~ ~ Whether you are thinking about buying or selling on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas please feel free to contact me with all of your real estate needs. The buyers are present and making offers in hopes of owning a piece of paradise. Even though we had a cold snap this past few weeks from the reports I am getting many have had a severe winter. Keep in mind we have not hit freezing and we still boast about our days at 80 degrees. Come to the Island and feel the warmth!

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  1. Melinda,

    The pictures look great! You have a great eye for capturing the perfect sunset or anything else that you want to take a picture of.
    I have been followed your blog since I met you and love your pictures.
    See you next time I fly 🙂


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