Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 12~14~09 Clients and New Friends

Amazing clouds on Anna Maria!
Amazing clouds on Anna Maria!

This week was challenging as we experienced drizzly rain and a bit cooler weather during the week. With potential clients headed to Anna Maria to search for that perfect investment property there were still no complaints as the weather they had just escaped north of Chicago was nothing less than frigid. By Friday we had returned to bright sunshine and and in the 80’s. For the locals on Anna Maria, you could not have asked for more perfect weather on Saturday as our locals and visitors lined the streets to watch our annual Christmas Parade and to catch the throws from the floats and see Jolly Ole St. Nick bringing up the end of the parade. We also had a large art show happening in Holmes Beach and the sunny beaches were an exceptional place to be. Of  course the sunsets were “to die for”.  Priscilla had friends visiting her and they are just glad she lives so near to such an awesome beach. The Miller’s and Trusther had just flown in from S. Indy and nestled themselves in the sand to toast an amazing sunset. I do not believe anyone was disappointed and we hope you will all come back soon for another visit.  Please, enjoy the sunset!  Don’t forget to click on the gallery pictures to enlarge them!

Written by Melinda Bordes~941~705~0146~ ~ Whether buying or selling on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas please feel free to contact me with all of you real estate needs. The buyers are buzzing the area looking for a great deal in this market and the sellers are feeling the bottom of the market finally. Don’t miss out on purchasing an investment property in a location that is only going to grow in popularity as more people find this Island. The unique fact here is that we can only honor so much growth. With strict permitting three stories is the allowance for building, and most lots are already built up. I believe you get my gist!! With all of the coverage in major publications this year, guess what happens to our value!! You may not want to be the one lagging behind because now is the time to buy!! Come and catch a sunset and let that help you make up your mind!!    

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  1. Your Anna Maria beach photographs are lovely, Melinda, as is your spirit. How fortunate are we who live in this paradise — such a profound and vivid contrast to the way one spends Christmases in other parts of the country and the world. I ne’er forget that I, too, once lived in cold and bitter places and am reminded of a passage translated from the Italian by Alessandra Bastagli, ” . . . We had taken off our shoes, and put our feet into our backpacks. At the first ghostly light, which seemed to radiate not from the sky but from the snow, we got up, our limbs numb and our eyes glazed . . . and found our shoes so frozen that, when struck, they rang like bells. In order to put them on, we had to sit on them for half an hour, as if we were hatching eggs . . . . ”

    Stay well and continue to rejoice in the bliss of being able to walk on the beach on Anna Maria Island in December. Surely all who live here are blessed.

    Priscilla Ridall

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