Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 1~10~2010 ~ Sandman and Sunsets

Sandman on Anna Maria Island
Sandman on Anna Maria Island

If you are a snow bird who has ventured to Anna Maria Island in search of sunshine and to thaw your extremities, these last two weeks have offered more of the same weather as what those north of us are experiencing.  As the picture of the sandman suggests, there was some confusion about building a snow man instead of a sand castle.
Though he looks somewhat out of place, it is more conducive to the weather we have felt coming in from the north. But the beautiful thing about Anna Maria is that if you stick around the weather will show its warming trend and offer plenty of sunshine and warmth. We are expecting to be back in the mid-70’s by the weekend. The locals have to dig deeply to find those gloves and scarves packed in boxes that are rarely opened. The tune we hear at Island Real Estate by the visitors is “you should feel the weather we just left!” They seem happy to be here surrounded by all of the beauty offered on the Gulf Coast on Anna Maria Island. The sunsets are to die for and with colder weather and the changes in the atmosphere we witness some magnificent sunsets. While walking this last week I was fortunate to have my camera and capture such an amazing sunset. I have never seen one quite so dramatic with the sun’s rays streaming through holes in the clouds as though there were many different sunsets. This unbelievable sunset rates as one of my all time favorites, so please enjoy the sunset! Click on the gallery pictures to enlarge them!

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