Silhouettes at Sunset~May 11, 2008

Walking on water

Enjoy the Sunset and Happy Mother’s Day !

Sheriff Steve Stewart ~ Anna Maria, FL

Even Steve Stewart from our local Sheriff’s department from the city of Anna Maria was able to mix business with pleasure and enjoy the sunset as he maintained our “safe haven”! Steve sends a special “Happy Mother’s Day” to his mom. Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset~May 11, 2008

Silhouettes at Sunset~May 3, 2008

Ibus in the surf!sunsets-4-17-08-079.jpgMost Peaceful Sunset                 With a new month arriving May has presented both the visitors and locals with a palate of sunsets on Anna Maria Island. It never ceases to amaze me how each sunset can bring an entirely different array of emotions and fusion of color and clouds for our viewing and pleasure. Each sunset holds mystic sensations as Islanders flock to the soft white sands in an almost religious awe to see just how the sunset will unfold and set on the horizon. Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset~May 3, 2008

April Sunsets Anna Maria Island

April Sunsets are beautiful on Anna Maria Island. This time of year is wonderful with fair temperatures.

Anne Morrow Lindberg wrote this message in “Gift From the Sea”.  “Island precepts. Simplicity of living. Balance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual life. Work without pressure. Space for significance and beauty. Time for solitude and sharing. Closeness to nature to strengthen understanding and faith in the intermittency of life: life of the spirit, creative life, and the life of human relationships.”

Sunset of the week - 4/25/08

April Sunsets Anna Maria Island

Whether you share a sunset with someone you love or in your own solitude all of the senses are aroused as you become one with nature. Watching the sunset on Anna Maria Island can bring such peace to your soul.  It is my pleasure to share this weeks best sunset with you!

Watch Sunset Anna Maria Island

A special shout out to Pat and Paul from Maine who shared a sunset while visiting the Island on their 25th wedding anniversary. How happy they are!! Nice to meet you Billi who snapped away on her camera capturing an incredible sunset. You meet the nicest people here on Anna Maria! Enjoy the sunset~!

Blue Heron at Sunset

Music at Sunset


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Watch Sunset Anna Maria Island

If you ever watch Sunset Anna Maria Island you will understand the hypnotic state everyone succumbs. It is relaxing to gaze at the sun dropping gently into the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches on the Island have an ebb of sunset watchers coming to enjoy another day’s end.


Watch sunset Anna Maria Island
Sunset watchers are quickly turned into sunset worshipers. No matter where you go when you leave the Island you will still be able to catch spectacular sunsets! Just check out our sunset blogs! Please share your comments too!

Sharks at Sunset

Sunset Beach Walkers  Sunset of the Week  Little Fisherman at Sunset   Fisherman at Sunset  Sunset CatchersMeeting at Sunset

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Sunset Photos Anna Maria Island Beach

Sunset photos from Anna Maria Island are always lovely! When you are visiting an Island beach house rentaly you must head to the gulf at least once or twice. Additionally, it is nice to catch the setting sun at different locations on the island. This is especially true if you are a photography buff.

Sunset Photos Anna Maria Island

Take a look at our various sunset photos we have taken over time on Anna Maria Island. Everyday is different! Weather rain or shine, Anna Maria Island has some of the most dramatic sunsets you’ll find on Florida’s west coast.

This collection of photos are from the northern end of the island. You can see the Sandbar Restaurant in one of the images. This is an ultra popular spot for catching sunset! It is so nice relaxing while you dine al fresco with a sunset.


Sunset Number 3 and BirdsSandBarSunset CrowdSunset photos


Anatomy of an Anna Maria Sunset

The anatomy of an Anna Maria Sunset.

I could mention how the layers within our atmosphere redirects light. A phenomena called scattering causes the orange, red and even green colors of a sunset.

Anna Maria Sunset

Lets get to the good stuff – Pictures! See below for photographs that show the progression of a wonderful sunset. These images were shot in March of 2008 in Anna Maria City.  (This is a warning….those who view the entire series of photos below will normally find their blood pressure lowered as well as a little lost time due to planning the next trip to Anna Maria!)

Anna Maria sunset

Sunset Number 3


Sunset 4

Sunset Number 3 and Birds

Sunset 5 - Wow could it get any better?

Sunset Final - Wow

Easter Sunset – Anna Maria Sunset 3-23-08

The Easter sunset is among us, and it is beautiful! The week has been a bit colder than usual due to cloud cover.  We were rained out two days, but the remaining sunsets made up for the two days lost. It was extremely difficult to choose the best sunset of the week.  There is something about sitting on the beach with your feet in the sand to see the artwork that will be created for the evening.  This week’s Sunset was taken in Anna Maria City very close to Pine Avenue and was taken on 3-23-08 Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunset 2008

Easter Sunset

Enjoying an Easter sunset with family and friends on Anna Maria Island is priceless. Experience a sunset for yourself when you book an Anna Maria Island beach rental!