Riverview Pointe Preserve – Manatee County

Bradenton – Riverview Pointe Preserve is south of De Soto National Memorial park, and is just a short drive from Anna Maria Island. This 11 acre park in West Bradenton offers a unique Florida ecosystem along with packed shell trails and wildlife viewing.

Riverview Pointe Preserve
Gopher Tortoise at Riverview Pointe Preserve. Photo Credit: Rob Hamilton, Riverview Pointe Preserve, Manatee County Parks website.

Riverview Pointe Preserve

The Preserve was added to the “Shaws Point” Archaeological district by the 1939 United States De Soto Expedition Commission. This area is among what is believed to be the landing spot of the Hernando De Soto expedition of 1539. Riverview Pointe and surrounding areas are the site of prehistoric native coastal villages dating back to 356B.C. to 110A.D. However, all evidence of these natives was destroyed in the early twentieth century.

Hiking Trail and Florida Wildlife

The hiking trail here is less than a mile long, but offers a peaceful place for a relaxing stroll. Starting off in a dry sandy upland area, the trail takes you down through coastal hammock and out to the riverfront. A great deal of the local wildlife are nocturnal, but this trail is still a great area for bird watching. Unique animals of the park include a thriving Gopher Tortoise population. Additionally, they prefer upland habitats such as those found at Riverview Pointe Preserve.

Native Plants

The hiking trail brings you from uplands to riverfront, and there are a diverse array of plants here. Enjoy large old Sand Pine and Scrub Oak in the uplands area, and salt resistance species like Mangrove and Buttonwood on the river front. You’ll find many Florida native species of plants like beauty berry, wild grape and poison ivy. It’s a good idea to stay on the hiking path to avoid damaging this rare environment.

Park Information

Dogs are welcome on the trail, but must remain on a leash. The park has pet waste stations.

Entrance to the park is free with the hours changing seasonally. Typically Manatee County parks are open dawn to dusk, but be sure to check closing times listed at the park entrance.

Find the park at NW 75th Street. Just before the entrance to De Soto National Memorial.

Also check out this video about Riverview Pointe Preseve by Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources Department. Enjoy local wildlife too!

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