Silhouettes at Sunset – Anna Maria Island Turtle Hatchling

Loggerhead Babies
Loggerhead Babies

Turtle season has moved into full swing on Anna Maria Island and we are seeing hatchlings taking place almost daily. As fate would have it, I walked up on a hatchling and was fortunate enough to help escort about 45 baby Loggerheads safely to the water. The crowd of about 60 other onlookers were well informed of the rules in order to participate. Most were visitors from all over. Absolutely no camera flashes are allowed, only infra-red lights although only when necessary.
After standing over a nest that had begun to cave in due to the rumblings of turtles cracking through their eggs, the ground began to “boil”. What is so amazing is how this happens for the most part simultaneously where all at the same time the sand moves and out over their nest these little guys scramble to embark towards the water. It is as though they are all wearing a compass as they march like an army to their new environment. There is usually one leader and a few stragglers that seem to be a bit weaker than their brothers and sisters. You could feel the emotion of this crowd as we urged them toward safety with words of encouragement. When the last little guy hit the water the crowd broke out in cheers. We had all just shared a beautiful act of nature.

After a hatchling occurs, the faithful Turtle Watch volunteers go back to the nest to record shells, eggs that did not hatch and perhaps rescue some that were unable to hatch or just left behind. On a different night I happened up on an excavation. Glenn was elbow deep digging through the remains as Cindy assisted in sifting through the sand. There were 10 babies found still alive that were rescued and taken to safety. Bless these folks that donate their time to endless walks on the beach checking nest and assuring that as many Loggerheads as possible are given their best shot at survival. The work is very rewarding and you all deserve our praise for a job well done!

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Silhouettes at Sunset 9~2~08


Eric and Rachael in a purple haze!A special thank you to Eric and Rachael from New York who were visiting and posed as my silhouettes at sunset! Hope you enjoyed your stay! They asked if all of our Anna Maria sunsets were this beautiful!      Setting Sun

Tonight the shore birds are still present and waiting for the sun to set so they can fly off to their favorite resting place to catch some z’s! This was a very humid night and the Gulf of Mexico lazily lapped in one small wave after another. The beach was quieter than normal and I felt sorry for all of the folks that missed tonight’s sunset on Anna Maria Island.
With the help of some crazy clouds and storms off shore, the sunset would provide the sky with colors so spectacular you just had to admire and gaze in awe! The sky following our sunset was a blaze of pinks and purples as you can see in the photos above.


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Silhouettes at Sunset 8~25~08

Tapestry of ColorBirds and Bait Fish

Sunset SplashSmashing Sunset

The week between Fay and Gustav was a true feeding frenzy for all of the birds that were in flying distance of Anna Maria Island. It was as though someone had rung the feeding bell and they all showed up for some very tasty little bait fish. The small shiners glistened at the edge of the shore and were in abundance. Children were catching them with their hands and filling up buckets full just because they could! Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset 8~25~08

Silhouettes at Sunset 8~24~08

 Sun and CloudsCloud Kissed SunsetClouds and Sunset

This week has presented visitors and locals on Anna Maria Island with an array of outstanding sunsets filled with boldness and color. This was a night just before we would be bombarded by millions of small bait fish which brought flocks of shore birds on the scene. Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset 8~24~08

Silhouettes at Sunset 7~24~08

Amazing Sunset

Enjoying the Sunset

What a perfect night to sit on a blanket and watch the sunset on Anna Maria Island. All conditions were right with the clouds that had moClouds Share the Sunsetved into my frame to take the most vivid shots at dusk.
Color was bouncing off of the water and the clouds were sharing the back lighting of the sun. It is sometimes difficult to find just the right words to describe such beauty. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.  Please, enjoy the sunset!

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