Angler’s Lodge Moves To The Historic Green Village In Anna Maria

The move started  in Anna Maria Monday morning May 23rd 2011, and has been one big deal.  Lizzie Vann Thrasher said moving the Angler’s Lodge to the village is a “major task, but we think it’s worth every effort to ensure that it remains part of Anna Maria’s future history.”

The Angler’s Lodge was built by Mr. and Mrs. Wood in 1913. The Woods named their Anna Maria Island home ‘Thelma by the Sea’ after their daughter, a beautiful young model who just happened to be on the very first Anna Maria Island brochure.

The Lodge was recently donated to the Anna Maria Preservation Trust, to ensure that it was protected, and would become part of the legacy of the City of Anna Maria. The historic move started by building a temporary bridge across the Lake Vista Inlet in Anna Maria.

After the bridge was built it was time to tow this 98 year old, 300,000 pound house across the canal.  This was not an easy task, as the crew worked on the preparation to move the Lodge, a crowd gathered on the Humpback Bridge, where spectators had a bird’s eye view of the project.

It was so amazing to see the lodge being towed across the canal on a temporary bridge that was built earlier that very day.  Shortly after 2pm the Anglers Lodge was officially three inches over the canal and, was sitting in the empty lot on the opposite side of the canal just after 5pm.