Propane or Charcoal for Anna Maria Island Grill


We know that grilling is a big part of the beach vacation experience.  Please check your rental’s amenity listings to see if a grill is provided at your location.  This information page describes where you can find propane or charcoal for Anna Maria Island Grill.

CHARCOAL GRILLS: Charcoal grills need new bricks for each use of the grill.  Charcoal bricks are not provided for your rental.  However there are several local stores where you can purchase charcoal and/or lighter fluid.  Publix Market (3900 East Bay Dr., Holmes Beach, FL (941) 778-5422); Walgreens Pharmacy (3200 East Bay Dr., Holmes Beach, FL (941) 778-0451); Anna Maria Island General Store (307 Pine Ave.,  Anna Maria, FL 34216 (941) 779-9200)

PROPANE GRILLS: Please use all proper safety precautions when using the propane grill at your property.  For Island Real Estate guests we have full propane tanks available for exchange at the Island Real Estate office located at 6101 Marina Dr. during regular office hours.  Please be very cautious when removing and transporting the tank.  Be certain that the tank is empty, the flow valve is closed tightly and the tank is not stored in any locations with excessive heat. We recommend you read the propane safety information provided by Propane Florida.

Mr Bones barbecue, Holmes Beach – Anna Maria Island

Mr Bones Barbecue is delicious

Mr Bones Barbecue

Mr. Bones Barbecue is an extremely unique environment is prevalent as soon as you walk into the restaurant. A large coffin of your favorite beverages can be found at the entrance as well as a skeleton which adds to the fun found inside the dining area.

Feast on several different types of barbecue ribs, chicken, or beef. The baked beans are wonderful as well as beans and rice. Mr Bones also offers vegetarian and Indian dishes for those not in the mood for barbecue. If you are a salt and pepper kind of person bring some packets in your pocket. Sorry they don’t provide seasoning for any of the dishes they serve.  They have an assortment of salads as well as exotic rice and Indian plates.

Mr. Bones BBQ
3007 Gulf Drive
Holmes Beach, FL 34217

Mr Bones barbecue is a great restaurant close to the beach and close to lots of vacation rentals.  If you love Mr. Bones focus on “old Gulf Drive” and just to the South of the East Bay shopping area in Holmes Beach.