Anna Maria City Pier with Tami

Tami pier

Hiya friends! It’s Tami Turtle here again! Have you been to the Anna Maria City Pier this year? I have! Here are a few fun facts about one of Anna Maria’s most historic sites!

  • The pier is 750 feet long!
  • Located at the end of the pier is the City Pier Restaurant and Gift Shop, a favorite for locals.
  • The pier was originally built as a dock in 1911 for trade and travel.
  • The Anna Maria City Pier is one of the top fishing spots in the entire Bradenton area!
  • The pier has suffered severe hurricane damage four times, yet still stands strong in its (almost) original form.

The Anna Maria City Pier Boardwalk Is Complete

Anna Maria Island Boardwalk
Anna Maria City Pier Boardwalk
Boardwalk At The Anna Maria City Pier
The Anna Maria City Pier and boardwalk

After a quiet lunch at Bay Front Park in Anna Maria I decided to take a stroll down the new Anna Maria Island Boardwalk.  The boardwalk is NOW complete and the northern end of the boardwalk and parking lot was opened for the first time to the public Monday July 25th.

Crews have been working on the project since mid-May 2011 and have already added 850 feet of boardwalk walk, wooden benches to take in beautiful views, and plush landscaping that is sure to make this boardwalk very attractive when it all grows in.

Looking At Anna Maria City Pier
Looking At Anna Maria City Pier

Currently trolley shelters are being constructed at the entrance of the Anna Maria City Pier, and officials say that the trolley stop should be ready by late August.  Additionally there are plans to add more parking, lighting, irrigation, trash enclosures, bike racks, signage, and concrete pads for magazine racks.  Weather permitting, this project is anticipated to be complete in the fall of 2011.