Anna Maria Island 4th of July Beach Vacation – Activities and Fun Guide

An Anna Maria Island 4th of July beach vacation should be on everyone’s bucket list! What better way to spend the day than relaxing while the family enjoys swimming in the gulf on a hot Summer day?

Anna Maria Island 4th of July Beach Vacation
Independence Day family fun at the beach!

Anna Maria Island 4th of July Beach Vacation

4th of July on Anna Maria Island is an experience unlike any other holiday. There’s a buzz of excitement in the air that words just can’t explain. A feeling like the day will be one you’ll never forget.

4th of July beach prep

This holiday is one of the busiest beach days every year, so you’ll want to come prepared. The biggest benefit of planning a vacation centered around Independence Day is you’ll already be on the island, so you won’t have to fight traffic. Smart right? Even better, since you’ll be staying in a vacation rental so close to the beach, you can pick your spot ahead of the crowd!

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Plan on purchasing everything you’ll need one or two days prior. Why stress last minute? Beach vacations are supposed to be relaxing.

Be sure to put on Sunblock 20 minutes before you’ll be in the sun, and re-apply every two hours. Over exposure to the sun can cause symptoms such as fever and nausea. A sunburn is a sure way to ruin a beach vacation.

The Privateers 4th of July Parade

Every year The Privateers, a non-profit organization, host the Anna Maria Island 4th of July parade. There is nothing better than a small town parade, and this one is fun and heart warming. Starting on the south end of the island on Coquina Beach the parade runs the entire length of the island ending at Pine Avenue in the city of Anna Maria. Catch candy and beads and be sure to watch out for the squirt guns! This family fun event is free and starts at 10am.

Hanging out on the beach

Since the parade ends around noon you’ll have the entire rest of the day to wait for the evenings fireworks.  This is when all the fun really happens!

For something different at the beach try renting a paddle board or even beach games from one of the many great rental companies on AMI. Find some suggested here.

Obviously you’ll want to have some great food and drink items. We have put together a list of great picnic and dining ideas along with a fun selection of beach games on Pinterest.

Sandbar Fireworks Display

While enjoying an Anna Maria Island 4th of July beach vacation you’ll get the chance to catch a great show on the beach! The only fireworks allowed on the beach are Sparklers. However, you can gather along the coast and catch the Sandbar Restaurant’s annual display. From just about anywhere on the beach you’ll have a view of the fireworks, but for a real fun time purchase tickets for a front row view. Follow this AMI fireworks guide to book your seat!

When you visit the beach for this holiday you’re sure to feel like you Independence Day is complete with fun, family and beach time. Plan your Anna Maria Island 4th of July beach vacation today!


4th of July Fireworks – Only Sparklers Allowed – Anna Maria Island Fireworks

Anna Maria Island Fireworks – You may not use fireworks on the beaches of Anna Maria Island. Fireworks are not allowed on the beach for safety concerns to both people and wildlife. This rule includes all consumer fireworks, firecrackers, bottle rockets and anything that is explosive. It is illegal to light any type of firework with the one exception of sparklers.

When caught using any type of Illegal firework you can face a $1000 fine and a year in prison.

Sparklers may be used on the beach; however, caution must take priority. Burning at 1200 degrees, they can still cause third degree burns. Sparklers may only be used one at a time, and it is illegal to bundle them together.

Anna Maria Island Fireworks are not safe for public use

Each year emergency professionals respond to calls of injury and fire due to consumer use of fireworks. Fireworks are not safe for the general public to use. Only  experts at a public show, such as the Sandbar’s 4th of July display, should handle fireworks.

In addition to the safety of individuals, Anna Maria Island Wildlife and beaches are extremely vulnerable to fireworks. Fire caused by fire works can damage sand dunes. Nesting sea turtles and birds can be injured, or may even abandon nesting efforts due to fireworks.

Fireworks Facts

  • Each year fireworks are responsible for 20,000 fires.
  • In 2013 sparklers caused 41% of fireworks injuries

Fireworks Permit

Each year on Anna Maria Island the fire department will only issue two fireworks permits. One permit is currently issued to the Sandbar Restaurant. Additionally, the fire inspector will check that fireworks are properly set up.

Be Safe

If you are planning to visit Anna Maria Island beaches for 4th of July please do not light fireworks, and keep a close eye on children when attending the Sandbar Fireworks display. If you have any questions please contact West Manatee Fire Rescue at 941-761-1555. Police and Sheriffs Officers will be patrolling the beaches of Anna Maria Island during 4th of July.

Report Fireworks: 

  • In the event of injury or emergency call 911.
  • Anna Maria – Manatee Sheriff Department (941) 747-3011
  • Holmes Beach – (941) 708-5807
  • Bradenton Beach – (941) 708-5804

Sandbar Fireworks Display

Enjoy The Annual Sandbar Fireworks Display on Monday, July 4th just after dusk. Limited VIP tickets are available for $140/adults $50/children. In years past, Sandbar sister restaurant The Beach House has held a July 3rd display. The Beach House display is canceled in respect of nearby nesting shorebirds for a second year.

Anna Maria Island fireworks
Have a safe and fun 4th of July on Anna Maria Island.