Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 6/3/2008

Welcome to another sunset on Anna Maria Island where one is as awesome as the next! It is amazing how each night can prove to be so different with the colors that stroke the sky. You should never leave your camera at home and you need to schedule your dinner so you will have time to make it out for the sunset. Or even better, have dinner at the Sandbar Restaurant and join the masses who come out to watch the sun kiss the gulf and slowly disappear leaving the sky on fire with colors of orange to fucia and every color in-between. It is worth your visit to Anna Maria Island just to experience one of our amazing sunsets!

Something appears in the camera’s eye!

So what is appearing in this picture? It was not there when we shot this photo!

Holding on to the sun! A helpful hand to Mr. Sun!                  Blake and Jane playing at sunset!

One last frolic in the gulf before the sun sets!

After the wedding on the beach at the Sandbar!

The vows have been said!

Sunset at the Sandbar Resturant

Friends gather for the countdown of the sunset!

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