Silhouttes at Sunset~3~25~11~ Kip from AMI Fitness on Anna Maria Island

Kip pressing the sunset on Anna Maria Island

Meet Kip…owner and my trainer at AMI Fitness on Anna Maria Island. Don’t confuse Kip with others on the Island…he is the true master of trainers and wanting the best for his clientele. I have belonged to three different gyms on the Island and his is by far the best in terms of equipment and reaching out to those that need assistance with classes, training or just getting acquainted with the equipment. Kip provides a wide variety of equipment to meet all of your needs. The staff is so friendly and always happy to lend advise or answer your questions.
Kip is my personal trainer and that is why I can speak for him so highly. I started with him in Sept. and have continued and will continue to go to him for my encouragement, advise, knowledge and frankly…just a great time when working out. Kip makes it fun but somehow pushes me beyond without me even knowing it. That is what makes him stand out from all of the rest. Hey…we all need to stay in shape and keep healthy and when you live on an Island it is even more of a challenge…you have to wear skimpy attire here when going to the beach…at least a bathing suit!!

Kip and I went out for a walk at sunset…I captured him in these photos…he and I talked about a game plan and nutrition and he got me back on track…he is so good that way. If you are in town for a few nights…an extended stay or moving here…he has a plan for you. I highly recommend an exciting team of trainers, classes to fit your every need, and machines to bring it all back!! Prices are very compatible and it is worth the try…and please enjoy the sunset with Kip and me….!

Written by Melinda buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas please let me know how I can make the process an exciting journey for you ~ Eat right…exercise…and let the sunset be the end of your day and you will sleep like a baby! By following such a regime I just bet your blood pressure will drop and your heart will be smiling…amazing what a sunset on Anna Maria Island can do for the soul! Come and experience the aw-w-w-w for yourself!

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