Silhouettes at Sunset~June 1, 2009~Summer has arrived!

Commissioner Carol Whitmore and friend Ginny Possehl
Commissioner Carol Whitmore and friend Ginny Possehl

With June appearing as the face of our calendars, we have slowly slipped from spring into summer on Anna Maria Island. With rentals at their peak this year we never witnessed a slow period and do not expect to see that happening anytime soon. The sugar white sandy beaches are already brimming with families from a diversity of locations wanting to feel the warmth of the sun, swim in the salty,warm gulf waters or catch a magnificent sunset.

You can catch one or two weddings nightly surrounded by the beauty that this tropical oasis provides as such a romantic destination. The beaches are deep and the gulf water is crystal clear offering a playground for all ages. As everyone huddles close to the shore you can almost hear a pin drop as everyone watches in amazement as the sun disappears once again leaving the sky in an array of purple, pink, red and orange. Without giving it another thought it is just a fact that Mr. Sun will be peaking his sleepy head up over the bay in just a few hours. Then we all wait for the sun to set again watching in awe just as though we have never seen a sunset. We should never take this awesome experience for granted. Anna Maria Island is very blessed to be able to witness such a sunset and turn around shortly and see the sun rise across Tampa Bay. So if you sleep through the sunrise, please enjoy the sunset!

Written by Melinda Bordes~941-705-0146~Whether buying or selling on Anna Maria Island or the surrounding areas feel free to contact me for all of your real estate needs. The price is right to become an owner of a slice of paradise. Timing is everything when making such an investment. You will be investing in many years of beautiful memories and unforgettable times to add to the pages of your journal. Invest in the enhancement of life!!

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