Silhouettes at Sunset ~ September 25, 2009 ~ Slo-o-o-ow Season

Amazing Anna Maria Sunset
Amazing Anna Maria Sunset


This is a time of solitude and quiescence if you live on Anna Maria Island. As I walk the beach at sunset I am able to focus on my life and the events that have passed through very complacent or with thunder! Most of the visitors are gone right now and we are at our slow peak. So it gives us time to reflect or just be still in the awesome display of Mr. Sunset. The locals have found this to be our time to be the tourist and see our beautiful Island as our beloved visitors view her.
When you greet the excited guest who are checking in for their holiday or vacation you feel a bit jealous. Then when we wake up to reality we realize just how fortunate we are because we have actually chosen to live here. It makes it difficult to go on vacation to other beach destinations because we sport one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, our peach of a beach, Anna Maria Island. One of my best life choices was to live on Anna Maria and looking back after 14 years there are no regrets, just a peaceful feeling deep in my soul. Man, I love this place and it makes me proud to be called a local.

Written by Melinda Bordes~941-705-0146~ ~ Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island or surrounding area feel free to call me to assist you! Interest rates have dropped below 5% and prices are settling in at their bottom. Buyers are back and are displaying a confidence in this market once again. It is amazing that we are seeing such activity in our slow season. Isn’t it time that you thought about owning your very own slice of paradise?

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