Silhouettes at Sunset ~ May 17, 2008

Striped Sunset ~ Sunset of the Week!             Sunset with stripes!                       Fishing at sunset!

These two are probably there to catch a sunset while catching a fish!

Sunset through the sea oats!

The sea oats are there to hold our sand in place but also frame a sunset!

Walking barefoot at Sunset!

Take off your shoes and stay awhile, especially to see a sunset!

Little Angel collecting seaweed at Sunset!

Little Angel collecting seaweed at sunset on Anna Maria Island!

Sheron and Ginny walking at sunset

Sheron and Ginny taking a sunset walk for their health and mostly pleasure!


Jane and Taylor posing at sunset

Two cousins, Taylor and Janey, on a “girl’s trip” who just happen to be my grandkids!

This week has been no exception to spectacular sunsets night after night on Anna Maria Island. With a clip of a cold front, which only meant lower humidity and superb weather, it was the perfect atmoshere for soaking up a sunset on Florida’s Gulf Coast. If you have never visited our Island then you may find it difficult to comprehend the white sugar sand and azure waters that we experience on a daily basis in this tropical paradise.  My clients who come from all over the world are truly amazed at how kind and friendly everyone is as they come to know Anna Maria. The truth is that when you live in such a gentle, peaceful place as this, it soon begins to rub off on you almost like a drug. It soothes, yet inspires you to dream or maybe just forget while you are here that there is that other world and “stuff” that we face day to day. So swinging in a hammock feeling the cool Gulf breezes is part of our reality. Come and join us and please, enjoy the sunset!



Duffs Intra-coastal sunset.jpg ~  Thanks to Duff for sharing his sunset taken from his boat on the intra-coastal waterway facing west. Feel free to share you best sunsets!

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