Silhouettes at Sunset ~ May 15, 2011 ~ Restoration on Anna Maria Island

Beach Restoration on Anna Maria Island

A few weeks ago at the end of Magnolia Avenue on Anna Maria Island the beach served as a parking lot for very large equipment used to move sand around and restore our beaches. This was done just ahead of turtle nesting season. There have already been four turtle nests found and marked just as we dip into season. But I have witnessed other kinds of restoration taking place where the shore meets the waves. On Sunday there was a baptism for 37 people at the south end of the Island and for many this was a time for restoration of their souls. Several weeks ago I witnessed as a family allowed the calm of the Gulf waters to soothe them as they found healing following the loss of a loved one. Sometimes a walk at sunset is a way to restore the clutter that has gathered inside of oneself during a busy day full of work and life. The beach at sunset has become my therapy session for life’s ups and downs. The beach chair is my couch and during my long walks at sunset I can tell my story and receive my answers to the wide arena where you can see forever and the only sound you hear is the gentle lapping of the waves in their rhythmical flow and ebbing. With the silence…drenched in pure nature…my ritual has become one of letting go of the negative and being thankful for the positive. It changes your perception and keeps you smiling. If you are feeling a need to restore your soul maybe your prescription would be to soak up one of our amazing sunsets and then stay to count the stars and name the constellations. If you get really lucky you may witness a momma turtle crawling out of the water and finding a perfect place to lay her precious eggs and then turn and crawl back into the gulf. I can promise you that you will totally lose site of any woes that plague you. Anna Maria Island is the best medicine for what ails you and guarantees restoration…take a walk at sunset and feel the calm that will embrace you.  Remember to click twice on the gallery pictures to enlarge them! Please enjoy the sunset!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~ ~ Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island please feel free to contact me concerning all of your real estate needs. Maybe it is time for you to soak yourself in the delight of one of our amazing sunsets and escape to that peaceful place inside…you know it is there and Anna Maria Island is calling your name!

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