Silhouettes at Sunset ~ July 29, 2010 ~ A Slice of Heaven!

Anna Maria Island ~ Total Relaxation

What are your thoughts when you see a hammock tied between two Australian Pines on a sultry late afternoon on Anna Maria Island? My idea of a good time is to climb into the hammock and have one of my grand kids gently rock me back and forth while sipping a Jimmy Buffet Margarita  in anticipation of the pending sunset! I believe there would be no need for blood pressure medicine or stress tabs.  Most likely I would totally forget the previous hours spent at work or dealing with bills that are due or unruly store clerks or being cut off in traffic! That would all just melt away in the possibility of seeing the green flash. And by the way on Sunday evening I was privy to witness a very vibrant green flash. It is only my second one and I can assure you I  have probably seen more sunsets than most locals. I would not even require to be fanned due to the soft tropical breezes cooling  me as I sway back and forth…and bring on the sound of the parrots flying over with the many other species of shore birds singing in delight for having found the Island and raising their young in such an inviting environment…trust me they know where the hot spots are and they return every year! And right about now I would remain in the best seat in the house after the sunset waiting for the arrival of the enormous orange moon that lights up the beach as though someone has turned on the porch light! I know I am dreaming but let me dream…I see it as a little bit of heaven and I am feeling very blessed to have found this Island and have had the opportunity to live here for 14 glorious years. So come and see what you have been missing all of your life if you have not visited Anna Maria…you may just fall in love like I have! Thank you Anna Maria Island! You amaze me every night at sunset!  Click on the gallery pictures to enlarge them and then click on them again!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~ ~ Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island please feel free to call me so that I can assist you with finding that perfect place in paradise. There are few places left with the charm and ambiance that you will feel as soon as you step foot on this Island….she is one of a kind for sure. Come and experience a sunset like none other. Is Anna Maria calling your name?

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