Silhouettes at Sunset ~ April 29, 2010 ~ Fred and a Heavenly Sunset

Injured Fred the Seagull on Anna Maria Island
Injured Fred the Seagull on Anna Maria Island

This sunset walk became one of the most exceptional sunsets I have captured on Anna Maria Island.  Richard, my friend, recently reminded me we are one of the few that get to view the sunset across the water.  Tonight’s superior display of pinks, reds and yellows made everyone rise and take notice. The water was totally crystal clear and calm, almost see-through! You could smell the salt air as you approached the gleaming white sand…sweet! Ginny and I began our walk at Magnolia Ave. and headed north. Just north of the Sandbar Restaurant we saw two of my newer clients, Diane and Evan, who had drawn a life size blueprint of the new addition they would add to the home they are buying.  As we continued north we found due to the full moon and low tide we would be able to make our way all the way up to Bean Point which because of normal rock barriers we are usually blocked by the water. As we reached the northern point of Anna Maria Island we turned around and headed south with the angle of the sun just ahead to the left. Soon we would come upon an injured Laughing Gull whose wing appeared to be broken. A young man on a bike happened by and offered me a plastic bag so I could catch the gull. Two attempts and I had him. We began to hasten our steps as the gull was trying to bite me. We passed by some recent buyers/clients of mine and welcomed them back to the Island. As we continued at our fast pace we saw Evan and Diane. Evan offered me his towel and wrapped it around the gull which helped calm the frightened bird. Getting closer to the car we bumped into two fishermen who seemed to recall seeing me rescuing another gull several months back. Everyone wished the gull well and we hurried back to the car. The sunset was about to become so breathtaking that I grabbed my camera and holding the gull in one hand began shooting one amazing sunset. As we watched the sun disappear we rushed off to Wildlife where I volunteer to see if this gull could be saved. I am happy to report that the wing was not broken so after wrapping the wings for a few days Wildlife will release the gull at the beach. It is amazing how many took interest in the well being of our new friend, Fred the Seagull. Remember to click on the gallery pictures to enlarge them and please enjoy the sunset!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941~705~0146 ~ ~ Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island please feel free to contact me with all of your real estate needs. The visitors  have tapered somewhat but the buyers are here in full swing and looking for a reasonable buy on Anna Maria Island. After being exposed to nature and such a sweet sunset as this it is no wonder buyers are so anxious. We have waited through a declining market and we have hit bottom. Now is the time to make your move and own a slice of paradise.

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  1. Thank you for your soothing blog. I live on the island but don’t usually make time to watch the sun set. I miss it but maybe now I’ll be just a little more inspired to make the short trip down the end of my street to view one of God’s many living portraits He designs just for us.

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