Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 8~25~09 ~ Back to School


Sunset 8~19~09


We have reached that time of the year where we see fewer people and mostly locals on our beaches. It came to a screeching halt on Sunday as everyone busied themselves with shopping for school items. The traffic has increased on Anna Maria Island as kids are dropped off at the elementary school at the start of a new school year. I am sure that many had butterflies as they found their new classrooms and met their teachers for the first time.
It was a new experience for some who got to ride the big yellow buses to school. It is an exciting time for moms with mixed emotions as they wave goodbye to the kids and try and decide what they will do with all of the spare time on their hands. I bet you will find some who saunter on down to the beach dragging their comfy beach chair and that book they have been waiting to read. If you are having difficulty getting to the beach at sunset then I can provide you with the best of the best of sunsets right here. Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them. Just log on weekly, and please enjoy the sunset.

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