Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 11~26~2010 ~ A Time To Be Thankful On Anna Maria Island

Sunset through the Pines on Anna Maria Island
Sylvia from the UK sharing a sunset!

Thanksgiving is a time for each of us to count our blessings and living on Anna Maria Island is where it all starts for me. We have just enjoyed a Thanksgiving week with weather in the 80’s. We have topped off every day with stunning sunsets experienced with family and friends. My gratitude begins with my family and dear friends and extends to my job and the place I call home…Anna Maria Island. Anyone fortunate enough to live here will tell you how we exist in one of the most beautiful settings anywhere…living in a peaceful and healing environment. There seems to be such an ability to feel balanced when surrounded  by nature at her finest.

I met a new friend tonight at sunset from the UK. Sylvia and I were talking and she shared that she had been all over the world and that Anna Maria was a favorite because of the fine white sand perfect for building sand castles, the color of the water and our exquisite sunsets. She especially loves the golden path the sun lays down across the water and reflects all the way to the shoreline. She said it was as though you could walk across that path to where the sun dips at sunset to the far west.

So I am thankful to have spent 15 years wrapped in this beauty living and working and meeting the nicest people from all over the world. Come back soon, Sylvia, and please enjoy the sunset. Be sure to click on the gallery pictures to enlarge them.


Written by Melinda Bordes 941-705-0146 ~ ~  whether buying or selling on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas please feel free to contact me for all of your real estate needs. Today, I seemed to always be behind a car hailing a MI tag. The early birds are the snow birds…in search of warmth, sunshine, sunsets, boating, fishing, great seafood or just jelling on the beach with friends reunited following a summer up north. Welcome to PARADISE to all of our visitors!

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