Sarasota Circus

Sarasota Circus
The Sarasota Circus keeps alive the rich legacy of the circus art form in spectacular fashion. Acts can be watched in the one-ring, five-star, European style big top featuring performances from the World Famous Wallendas and many other performers. As well as providing wonderful entertainment the circus directs approximately 80% of ticket proceeds to community outreach programs.
Sarasota Circus
Some of these are the Sailor Circus, Big Top Education, and Laughter Unlimited.

Sailor Circus

The Sailor Circus is a program taking students 4th to 12th grade and training them in numerous programs. Students in the program can expect to learn life management skills, interdisciplinary performing arts, psychomotor skillSarasota Sailor Circuss and much more. Many famous circus performing artists have traveled to the Sarasota Circus to train with the famous Nik Wallenda and other performers.  Sailor Circus runs normally in the Summer for one and two week increments.  Perfect for any visitor to grab an Anna Maria Island vacation rental and link your vacation with your child’s education!

Big Top Education

Big Top Education takes students and puts them in the circus environment all while learning! Science, math and technology are the cornerstones of the alternative education program and is a great way for kids to experience where their conventional education can be applied. Students can be expected to learn decision making skills in a group focused environment.

Laughter Unlimited

Laughter Unlimited brings the joy and laughter of the circus to those in assisted living and hospitals. The entertainers bring their best medicine, their humor therapy program, and alleviate stress, anxiety and leave a positive effect on those they perform for.


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