Quality Ratings

Island Real Estate rates each of our properties based on a detailed 10 item matrix. Categories ranging from Living Room, Kitchen, Bedding, to Lighting are given scores and tallied to establish our stringent rating criteria. Please see general descriptions for each of the Amenity Classifications below. Don’t hesitate to call us with further questions.

Platinum – Upscale furnishings and decor reflect current industry standards; well-coordinated throughout. Furnishing’s fresh and inviting. Artwork – Paintings, prints, or lithographs matted and framed. The vacation villa will have a comfortable feel and appearance of a well-designed property. Property will contain a flat screen television with extended cable along with at least one cordless telephone. Outdoor furniture typically has upscale seating (non plastic) with matching cushions and pillows. Bedrooms continue with the same high standards and typically flat screen televisions can be found in most bedrooms. The flooring follows current decorating trends and is a high grade carpet, tile, or wood floor with excellent finishes and little damage or stain spots. Carpets and flooring add to the overall harmony and villa decor. Kitchen cabinets are of a high quality and well designed in perfect condition. Counter tops are stone or tile and in excellent condition. Kitchen decor will integrate with overall design of Living/Dining area. Appliances will be of appropriate quality, post year 2000, and in perfect condition. Dishwasher, ice maker, and garbage disposal are required.

Gold – Slightly simpler furnishings and décor but still well designed, comfortable and inviting with a consistent, integrated stylish effect. Property typically contains a television larger than 25″ with extended cable. Outdoor furniture if provided has upscale seating. Furniture may have some slight scratches or signs of use, but no obvious defects. Bedrooms continue with the same décor and typically one television can be found in one bedroom. Bedroom furniture may have some slight scratches or signs of use, but no obvious defects. High quality flooring in good condition; no spots, stains or major flaws however it may start to show slight signs of wear. Kitchen cabinets are of good quality, some superficial mars. Kitchen appliances are of good quality, very functional and typically a dishwasher as well as a garbage disposal can be found in the home/condo.

Silver  -Somewhat Spartan décor and/or dated furniture and appointments. Less attention to detail in terms of art and style with less color harmony. Vacation rental typically contains a television smaller than 25″ with basic cable. Outdoor furniture is typically plastic if it is provided. Furniture is functional however may be out of style with minor scratches or minor damage. Furniture is found to be comfortable and adequate but not necessarily in harmony with each other. Bedroom furniture is functional but worn, or out-of-style. Bedrooms will have adequate drawer or closet space and usually do not have a television or telephone. Carpet can be worn or flooring may be dated in appearance. Small stains can be found in carpeting. Kitchen cabinets are functional however older with minor scratches. Kitchen appliances are functional however may contain minor scratches or marred or stained.

Bronze – Usually undecorated with clashing color schemes; furnishings of mixed color and styles appearing that furnishings and elements have been thrown together. Inexpensive, low quality furniture with stains, minor tears, poorlyfitting drawers, etc. Bedrooms may have inadequate drawer or closet space. In addition, bedrooms usually do not have a television or telephone. Flooring is tired, worn, with obvious stains. Kitchen cabinets usually pre-1990’s, surfaces chipped with other minor functional deficiencies. Countertop finish may be worn, edges may be broken. Older appliances which may have noticeable scratches, along with interior shelves or drawers missing.

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