Island Real Estate Rental Manager and Rental Specialist

Happy 10 and 15 year Anniversary Kacey and CarolIsland Real Estate of Anna Maria Island is blessed with fantastic employees.  We have many that have been with Island Real Estate for years. Carol Bernard and Kacey Freeman are no exception to the rule.

Carol Bernard is our Rental Manager and leads all efforts in the Island Real Estate Rental Division.  When asked how long she has been with Island you see an immediate glimmer in her eye.  “Since Frank.” She started her career at Island Real Estate meeting and greeting walk in traffic, moved on to be Frank Davis’s personal assistant, helped run several Davis accommodations and most recently leads the Island rental division. Carol continues to be an invaluable resource for Island Real Estate and just hit her 15 year anniversary working for Island Real Estate.  Simply amazing.

Kacey is a rental specialist that has been with Island Real Estate 10 years. Carol actually hired Kacey to help with the front desk and several years later began helping in the rental division. Our guests and employees know Kacey for her bright smile and hard work ethics.

Congratulations to Kacey and Carol and thanks for all your help over the years!   Happy 10 and 15 years!

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