Oil Spill Visitor update and Tropical Depression Bonnie

Last night Tropical Depression Bonnie flew by on Anna Maria Island.  Frankly it was not much an event here, we see harder rains with most normal rain storms.  While I am not sure when the peak occurred I drove home around 6:45 PM EST last night which had to be close to the peak and it was sprinkling.  I am on the bay side of Anna Maria Island and our office is more in the middle of the island and not much happened yesterday except a little rain. 

This morning it looks like the sun is already peaking through at 7:30 AM and our Anna Maria Island Beaches are ready for visitors.  If you are lucky enough to be visiting Anna Maria Island today it looks like it is going to be a clear day at the beach!   Of course our normal late day shower is forecasted but come out and enjoy the beaches of Anna Maria !

I hope this update helped as a few comments revolved around concerns with Bonnie on the oil spill or their upcoming vacation.  We are in the clear, come out and enjoy Anna Maria Island.  If you delayed your plans to come to Anna Maria then visit our vacation rental accommodation website or call Saturday or Sunday 877 778 6066.  We have a few properties left for the next 3-7 nights.  Don’t forget our short stay special’s page which could help with a quick get-away.

Anna Maria Island Beach
Beautiful beaches on Anna Maria Island

Thanks goes out to Troy Morgan for the great Aerial photo above.

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