Meet Tami Turtle! The Anna Maria Island Turtle!


Heeeey guys! I’m Tami Turtle and I’m blogging’ to you  from right here, my hometown of Anna Maria Island. I wanted to tell all you ALL about my kind, the loggerhead sea turtle. Since we’re the most common sea turtles here on AMI, I thought you should know a bit about us.  Visit Island Real Estate at Pine Avenue if you want to take a fun photo as seen above.
Loggerhead Sea Turtle swimming
First of all we are pretty important. I mean, we are a big part of the marine food chain. We can live up to 75 years, sometimes longer. We usually get to be about 3 feet tall and weigh 250-300 pounds. We have dark yellow-brown skin with a greenish-brown shell. And guess what! When we lay eggs we always go back to the same beach where we were born. Pretty cool, huh?
Turtle Tip Time!! Don’t keep your lights on at night ’cause we are attracted to them. Don’t leave your trash or beach chairs on the beach either or we’ll think they’re food or get stuck in them. And please, please, PLEASE DO NOT touch us or dig up our nests! It’s breaking the law. Thank you!
Loggerhead Sea Turtle Baby
We live in nearly every ocean (except the Arctic) and in shallow waters. We mainly eat jellyfish, corals, sea anemones, squid and flying fish. Maybe not yummy to you, but delicious to us!

If you wanna come and check us out head over to Mote Marine or the Florida Aquarium and “sea” what we’re up to! ‘Til next time this is Tami Turtle signing off. Turtley, dude!

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