May 19th, 2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill update

The most important fact is according to NOAA there are no expected oil impacts forecast for the state of Florida in the next 72 hours.   The NOAA oil spill model shows the spill is 75 miles southwest of Pensacola, 140 miles from Port St. Joe and 269 miles from Tampa, Florida.

Light winds are generally expected until Friday which is favorable for surface oil recovery in the Gulf of Mexico.  BP has informed the press that the mile long tube is working and they estimate is gathering 60% of the oil from the largest leak.  Early next week BP expects to make their first try at plugging the well with a shot of miscellaneous rubber items followed by a shot of mud then concrete.

Futher good news is testing done on several tar blobs found on a Key West beach this past week were found NOT to be oil from the Deep Water Horizon.  There are growing concerns that some of the oil has hitched a ride on the powerful Gulf of Mexico currents which will bring the oil South of Key West into the Atlantic ocean.

One thing is for sure is the Anna Maria Island beaches are still soft, white and beautiful.  There has been no impact on our beaches and all spill models forecast no coastline impacts  to the island from the spill.  Of course time will tell however continued good news that BP is containing the oil will further ensure lower impacts to everyone who enjoys our wonderful mild Gulf of Mexico Summers.

Just a note the photos were taken by Melinda Bordes of Island Real Estate just this past week.  All is well on Anna Maria Island.  The sunsets are just as beautiful as ever!  Thanks Melinda!

Peaceful Sunset on Anna Maria Island
Peaceful Sunset on Anna Maria Island

One thought on “May 19th, 2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill update”

  1. Looks like good news for Anna Maria at least for now. We have been following the oil spill closely since we have a trip coming up soon.

    We can’t wait to get there and get our toes in nice pretty sand.

    We will keep our fingers crossed for no impact at our favorite place to vacation.

    Thanks for the updates.

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