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Anna Maria Island’s Family Charm

Looking for the perfect vacation for your family on the beach?  Anna Maria Island offers white sand beaches, beautiful emerald waters, and an old Florida charm.  Anna Maria Island is known as a favorite place to go for families.

Anna Maria Island is seven miles long, and a few blocks wide.  You can hear the sounds of waves and watch beautiful sunsets.   Enjoy walks on the beach, great restaurants, shopping, and all kinds of wonderful accommodations through Island Real Estate.

What makes this island so great?  Fast food and high rise condos do not exist on Anna Maria.  The speed limit is 35 and flip flops are welcome.  You can get away from the hustle, bustle of life and yet have plenty to do.

Golf anyone?  Take the kids to play adventure golf at The Fish Hole.  Enjoy a recreational scooter from Island Scooter Store, or take a tour with Zegway by the Bay.

Elite Family Care - Professional Child Care that comes to you

 Looking for some grown up time?  Enjoy time away knowing that your children are well cared for.  Whether you need an extra set of hands or time away we can help!  Day or evening Elite Family Care has wonderful nanny/babysitters who are screened, CPR & First Aid certified, trained, and experienced. We send our caregivers out based on the ages of the children. Our caregivers will engage your children in games, toys, and arts and crafts while you are away.  Outdoor fun such as swimming in the pool, or playing in the sand is permitted with signed consent forms.  Book your sitter at Elite Family Care under vacationing families.

Now that the children are taken care of you can enjoy some pampering at Anna Maria’s largest day spa, Body and Soul Spa & Wellness.  They offer massages, facials, and yoga classes.  Or enjoy a quiet dinner at one of our favorites, Bridge Street Bistro on Bradenton Beach.  This little romantic getaway offers favorites like Gulf Coast Grouper Sautee with key lime dill butter, capers, and a trickle of pomegranate reduction, or how about Roasted Maple Leaf Duckling, dressed, slow-baked, de-boned and crisped, with a spicy three peppercorn, Cognac demi-glaze or fruit and berry sauces.  Another favorite is Beachhouse Restaurant, enjoy seafood at its best with menu items such as Coconut Crusted Flounder, Maryland Crab Cake Dinner, Sesame Seared Tuna, Seafood Medley and King Crab Legs.  After dinner a nice walk on the beach will top off the evening!


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Outdoor Dining Anna Maria Island – Dine and Drink El Fresco!

Outdoor Dining Anna Maria Island is the quintessential way to hang out in beautiful tropical climate! There’s nothing better than when going out to grab a bite to eat or drinks, having the warm island breeze surrounding you. Some of the wonderful restaurants I’ve listed below have beautiful water views of either the crystal clear Gulf or Bay, or an open-air setting directly across the street from the beach.

The fresh air of AMI always makes your food taste that much better and your drinks that much tastier, bringing you relaxing vibes that will be sure to lift your spirit. I have suggested different places from smaller and more quant spots, to casual any-time spots, to romantic night spots.

Outdoor Dining Anna Maria Island

Sandbar – 100 Spring Ave, Anna Maria

Direct Gulf front


The Waterfront – 111 South Bay Blvd, Anna Maria
Bay views


Anna Maria Pier – 100 South Bay Blvd, Anna Maria
Out in the middle of the Tampa Bay


Bridgetender – 135 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach
Direct bay front


Island Time Bar & Grill – 111 Gulf Drive South, Bradenton Beach
Open-air setting, across the street from the Gulf

Island time

The Beachhouse – 200 Gulf Drive North, Bradenton Beach
Direct Gulf front


Coquina Café – 2650 Gulf Drive South, Coquina Beach
Direct Gulf front

Outdoor Dining Anna Maria Island

Historic Green Village – The model of going Green on Anna Maria Island

If you’re on Anna Maria Island you have to check out the Historic Green Village (HGV). This unique combination of commercial and residential buildings combines today’s modern energy efficient technology in a historic setting.

Historic Green Village

Owners Mike and Lizze thrasher had a vision for Pine Ave when they vacationed here in 2007. The couple bought 4 adjacent lots on Pine Ave which only had two usable properties and a few abandoned garages. In 2009, when the renovations began, they purchased two different historic abandoned houses from around the island; the Sears Cottage, and the Anglers Lodge.

Building the Green Village

The Anglers Lodge is a huge two story house which required 300,000lbs of concrete reinforcement and required a temporary bridge built across one of the canals to move. It took three “heart slipping” hours to move the Anglers Lodge across the canal but was successfully delivered to the lots on Pine Ave.

During Renovations Architect Gene Aubry assisted the thrashers in choosing high quality building materials that reduce energy consumption. They also added in a fifth building, brand new, that was built to match the historic look of the other buildings. Mike and Lizzie Thrashers vision was to establish a group of buildings with a high level of sustainability. With the guidance of environmental consultant, Raymond Kaiser, the HGV was able to become only 1 of 100 places worldwide to earn the Platinum LEED certification and achieve Net Zero Energy during its first 18 months of operation.

Net Zero Energy

Net Zero Energy (NZE) building is one that relies on renewable sources to produce as much energy as it consumes. There are several main areas where buildings are evaluated to determine LEED certification. All the buildings are insulated with a special soy based formula that completely seals and insulates attics, keeping them at the same temperature as the rooms. The HGV also uses special energy efficient windows. These allow in maximum light and filter out the heat carrying infrared spectrum.

On top of the HGV buildings lay 400 photovoltaic solar panels which generate about 100kw, or 14,000$ in electricity annually. The photovoltaic solor panels collect energy from the minute the sun rises until the sunsets. The surplus energy created by HGV is sent to Florida Power and Light. The surplus comes back to the HGV when needed during rain storms and at night. Also, the buildings collect rain water to flush the high efficiency toilets and water the landscaping. Another way the HGV is saving energy, is the 450ft deep well pull that brings up 80° water from deep below the surface to help cool the AC, increasing efficiency by 30-50%!

A model of Green

The Historic Green Village is an inspiration to the local community. The Thrashers are hoping to influence others by proving that this is possible not only for commercial but residential. Despite the serious impact of this quaint historic village, don’t forget to check out the shopping venue while you’re here. The Relish Marketplace features Vintage clothing and accessories, reclaimed designer fashions and much more. Lastly, make sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious cupcake at Hometown Desserts and then browse the Bob Brown art gallery.

Bean Point – The perfect Island Wedding Destination.

Anna Maria – When looking to plan your destination wedding at the best beach on Anna Maria Island you really don’t need to search for it. The white sand along the 7 mile stretch of island is simply beautiful. Pick any of the public beach access paths and you will not want to leave. Yet, there is just one spot on the very North end of the island called Bean Point, that might be a bit special.

Bean Point is named after the first island settler George Bean, who made his home here in 1893. Parking is sparse, but find limited parking on the side streets of North Shore Drive, Gladiolus or Fern Street. The beach entrance to Bean Point is located at the end of North Bay Boulevard at the 3 way stop sign. Walk the shaded path to the wooden bridge and you enjoy gorgeous views of Tampa Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and Egmont Key to the North. You can spot the lighthouse that still sends out light signals. It is the most romantic spot on the island and serves for a perfect wedding background.

Bean Point is an absolutely gorgeous location for weddings because it may be one of the most secluded beaches due to lack of public parking.

Wedding at Bean Point
Wedding at Bean Point

During low tide you will see the remnants of Passage Key located less than a mile to the North. This island of 30 acres discovered in 1513 by Spain, and designated as a bird sanctuary in 1905 by Theodore Roosevelt  was slowly washed away by severe weather and erosion. Nowadays it is only a sandbar popular with the seabirds.

Endless water views
Endless water views

For the perfect Anna Maria Island wedding ceremony location consider beautiful Bean Point.

If you are looking to spend your Honeymoon on Anna Maria Island follow the link to a list of our gorgeous 1 bedroom vacation rental homes perfect for a cozy and romantic couples getaway.

Anna Maria Island Bird Photography and Information.

Anna Maria Island – Anna Maria Island is home to a diverse array of Bird Species year round. Locals and visitors alike absolutely love these beautiful island residents. Along with the year round species of birds found, many seasonal species can be seen visiting during the colder months; just like the human population of Anna Maria Island. Island residents are so crazy about preserving and respecting our feathered friends they even have non-profit organizations to help them. The Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and shore bird monitoring watches birds during the spring and summer nesting season including the Black Skimmers, Least Terns, and Plovers to name a few. This unique organization also keeps a very close eye on the nesting turtles making sure to mark off every nest, so they aren’t disturbed.

When visiting Anna Maria Island please avoid feeding or harassing birds. Never feed seagulls. Feeding Seagulls makes them very aggressive toward people and results in them stealing food directly out of your hand. Human food is not along the dietary needs of seagulls and may even kill them. Chasing Seagulls on the beach seems like a fun part of your beach trip, but is actually very stressful for the birds. Often Seagulls co-mingle with other species of birds and babies that may be hard to see on the sand as their natural camouflage intends. Chasing birds can result in stepping on babies that can’t get out of the way quick enough.

When fishing never feed birds fish bones and scraps as they can tear and cut Pelican pouches and birds insides. If you hook a bird while fishing gently reel it in, secure the bird, and remove the hook. Never cut the line. Cutting monofilament line attached to a bird can cause them to become entangled and lead to death. for guidelines on how to properly remove a hook from a bird follow the link to Sarasota based organization Save our Seabirds.

If you find an injured bird or any injured wildlife contact Wildlife Inc. and they will gladly come to the rescue. This organization is based on Anna Maria Island, and has been helping and housing injured wildlife since 1988, all funding comes from donations.

Below we have several fabulous images of birds on and Around Anna Maria Island. Scroll through to enjoy these beautiful creatures, and learn a few fun facts!

Brown Pelican Diving

Brown Pelicans can be found on Anna Maria Island year round, but in the winter larger White Pelicans can be seen

Black Skimmer
Black Skimmers nest on the gulf beaches of Anna Maria Island every Spring.
Mocking Bird
Northern Mockingbirds can be found on Anna Maria Island, and is the Florida state bird.
The Willet is a large piper shaped shore bird found on the coastline eating coquinas and tiny sea creatures.
Brown Pelican
Adult Brown Pelicans have white and yellow heads, and during mating season their neck turns a dark brown.
Osprey can be seen all over Anna Maria Island. This birds diet consists of Fish.
Double Crested Cormorants can be seen drying their wings in the sun.
Black Hooded Parakeet
Black Hooded Parakeets, also called Nanday Parakeets, are a raucous parrot seen on Anna Maria Island.

Historic City Pier Anna Maria – Take A Stroll on Tampa Bay

City Pier Anna Maria The city Pier Anna Maria is a great site to see when visiting Anna Maria Island, Florida.  Grabbing an ice cream at Two Scoops and walking the pier is a must!  Another great past time, swing over to Two Sides of Nature and do some shopping. Stop in at the Waterfront. restaurant, across the street, for a great bite to eat.

At the end of the pier you can grab dinner and lunch, or pick up some hand made jewelry.  If you like fishing then stop in to gab with the fishermen on the pier and see what is biting.

City Pier Anna Maria
Fishing on the City Pier Anna Maria

City Pier Anna Maria is a historical site

The sign at the entrance of the City Pier Anna Maria says it all.  “The Anna Maria Development Company built this pier and wharf in 1911-1912 to provide dockage for ships from St. Petersburg and Tampa.  It has since withstood hurricanes and lesser storms too numerous to mention.  Although parts were damaged in storms in 1918, 1935, 1974 and 1988, it has each time been restored to its approximate  original form.  It is 678 feet long.  The wharf extends another 58 feet into Tampa bay. Over the years it has nurtured the hopes of fisherman and the dreams of lovers. Provided roosts for pelicans and other sea birds, and has also been a friend to residents and visitors alike.

Over the center of the tin roof, from the third shore bench to the south of this marker, on clear nights can be seen the North star. Guardian of the mariners since the first sailor looked up for guidance of the night sea.

Come walk these planks. Beneath the Roof of this City Pier is the Place to sit with Shrimp and Beer. While Lightening in the distance plays and thunder rumbles across the bays. “Summer Storm”…CMV ”

Anna Maria Beach Rentals

There are plenty of gorgeous Anna Maria beach rentals available through Island Real Estate! Check out the selection of homes, and book your Anna Maria beach rental today!

Anna Maria beach rental
Grant’s View is a beautiful old Florida style Anna Maria beach rental close by to the City Pier. Enjoy accommodations for 6 guests along with beautiful views of Tampa Bay. Click on the image above to reserve your beach rental vacation today!

Anna Maria Island Vehicle and Airport Transportation

Recently more airport transportation businesses have decided to service Anna Maria Island. Between local vendors and Uber, there are tons of airport transportation options to AMI.

While services below focus on transport from the Tampa International, other Florida airports are also serviced. Sarasota/Bradenton airport is so close to Anna Maria Island most visitors grab a taxi. However, many options are now available.

Review the vendors below and call Island Real Estate with any questions.


Airport Transportation to Anna Maria Island

Airport Transportation

Paradise Car Service

Paradise Car Service is another great source. Rates starting as low as $35 to the Sarasota airport with a very diverse array of transportation options.  Find rides to Orlando and Fort Meyers too.  (941) 356-3578

Coastal Elite Limousine

This services offers a fleet of Cadillac Sedan, Lincoln Navigator SUV, or Stretch Limousines to meet any transportation needs. This local Driver was born and raised on AMI. Driver is familiar with state roads and venues well! For more rates including hourly, call now (941) 900-8240. Airport Service to Tampa starts at $105 and $60 to Sarasota. These rates include gratuity. Coastal Elite Limousine is great for weddings.

Island Sedan

This company offers Town car service with advertised rates starting at $35 to the Sarasota Airport, or $85 to Tampa. Member of the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce. Call for rates and additional locations at (941) 730-8803.

Anna Maria Island Transportation

This vendor has been a Member of the Chamber of Commerce since 2008. They offer clean non smoking Lincoln’s and Cadillacs too. Car and booster seats are provided at no extra cost for children. Also no charge for those picking up keys for a vacation rental. Rates to Tampa/St. Pete start at $85 up to 4 people. Seven person SUV now available with Tampa/St.Pete starting at $125. Call them at (941) 527-5602.

Cartier Limousine Services 

Cartier is a member of the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce.  They offer airport transportation as well as transportation for special venues such as weddings or special events.  They have several vehicles to choose from and transportation to Tampa International airport for one person starts at $70 one way.  Call at 612-868-7290 or visit their Anna Maria Island transportation airport rates page for more details.

Shuttle Services of AMI

Shuttle Services of AMI focus their business on island. While you visit the area we suggest this service for any unique transport needs. Additionally, this company has a large service area. Rates start at $64 to Sarasota and $125 to Tampa and will include automatic gratuity. This service offers a fleet of sedans and larger vehicles upon request. Rides to Orlando and Ft. Myers also available. Call (941) 580-5777  for Anna Maria Island Shuttle.


This information has been gathered as a convenience for our guests.We cannot guarantee the rates.  Please call individual vendor for details.