June 6th, 2010 Anna Maria Island Oil Spill update

Based on recent comments on the oil visitor update blog it is clear that many questions are being asked by those that do not have trustworthy, reliable sources for information.  Newspapers, Internet, television, etc are providing mixed information on how or what impact oil is having on the Anna Maria Island beaches.

The oil continues to be more than 250 miles from Anna Maria Island.  There is no smell on our Anna Maria Island beaches, no tar balls, just white soft sand.  Today, June 6th, 2010 my wife, son of six years of age went to the beach just off White Avenue at the South end of Anna Maria City and North end of Holmes Beach.   I asked my wife to video tape the beach so everyone did not have to trust words but could witness for themselves, clean, white, beaches with lots of people enjoying the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico.    If you check the weather you will see that the day was a little overcast and you will see that it is a bit cloudy.

So take a look at the video below and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.  Sorry, no music and it is a little boring but if you watch the whole video you will see we are video taping probably at least 3 miles of beach on Anna Maria island.

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  1. We also just left Anna Maria Island and, coincidentally also stayed on White Avenue (120 White, to be exact…very nice place, I must say). And I can honestly attest that what this person has written is correct. There’s not a drop of oil on Anna Maria Island’s beaches. We not only spent time at the White Avenue Beach, but also an afternoon up at Bean Point. Not a drop up there either. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I am trying to be as open and honest as I can regardless of what repercussions the message may have for our local tourism.

      In addition, thanks so much for staying with us and I am glad you enjoyed 120 White Avenue. If anyone wants to look it up they can find it – http://rentals.islandreal.com/rns/search/120WhiteAve.aspx …What do you think about the entrance to the beach? It is like something you see in the movies, isn’t it? I love it!

  2. Thanks so much for your comments. My family and I are travelling to Anna Maria Island for the second year because we love your island so much!!!
    We are so worried about all the news we hear. I am glad to hear from you and I feel better about our trip. We are coming the first week of July. I hope the oil never touches your beautiful beaches.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I often wonder if this information helps and your kind words encourage me to continue to post information. It’s so difficult to find local information and I am glad this is helping some. If anyone has any questions or want specific pictures/video let me know and I will do my best to oblige.

    1. No, the experts do not expect an immediate impact to our Anna Maria Island Beaches. While nothing is for sure I would suggest continuing to watch the news once a week to stay well informed. I personally expect your middle of july visit to be oil free. Of course please exclude sun tan oil. If anything changes this blog will be the FIRST place I will post new information to.

  3. My family is headed to Anna Maria Island for our 1st family vacation. I am sick over the fact that it might be ruined due to the oil spill. We are heading into town on August 1st and will be there until the 7th.

  4. Larry:

    Where do you watch fireworks on the 4th? We are right on Cortez beach and thought we could just watch from that beach because we heard the Beach House shoots off fireworks.
    What do you think?

    1. I would suggest checking the local newspapers when you arrive for a schedule. Normally Beach House down in Bradenton Beach shoots of Fireworks July 3rd and Sandbar in Anna Maria City shoots off fireworks on July 4th. So…check the papers but I think your best night to view fireworks on Bradenton Beach will be July 3rd NOT July 4th although you will still be able to see the fireworks going off at the Sandbar. I hope that helps.

  5. I am glad I found this website, we had plans to go to Gulf Shores, AL and now we will be arriving on Anna Maria, Island June 19th – 26th aqn we are very excited. We have never been there before, it looks so beautiful and we cant wait to experience it. We are staying on Holmes beach

  6. Larry, I am coming to Anna Maria Island with my young family on 8 August. What is the best way for us to keep track of the impact of the oil spill until this time? thanks

    1. There are alot of ways – this blog, the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce – click on their live cameras of the beach and probably most importantly once a week take a look at the tropical storm situation. I really think the biggest wildcard facing the Anna Maria Island, Sarasota and Tampa areas are tropical storms or storms in the gulf that make a mess of the loop current. I will continue to try and go to the beach and tape the beach to show all is well. I am not smelling nor is my family smelling anything odd at the beach. Hope that helps.

  7. The oil spill is horrible, and is a problem for the entire Southeast Coastline. I realize you are a real estate agent trying to protect your own livelihood, but you cannot insinuate this is not a problem for AMI. What guarantee will you give the oil, tarballs or other will not show up on the beach when I arrive for a vacation this summer?
    FYI, the local government of AMI and Cortez has already developed a response plan to the oil arriving on the beaches, see article at http://www.amisun.com/headlines.htm so it seems like they might know something that you don’t?
    So will you refund all my vacation expenses, including airfare, if oil comes to AMI?

    1. Pete,
      Thanks for the dialogue. I do try my best to provide transparency so anyone checking the information we provide shows open and honest communications. Frankly that is why I have started to use video because there are so many opinions out there regarding what affect local areas are seeing. The loop current and continental shelf provides science that should help continue to predict minimal impact to the Anna Maria Island beaches. With that being said, tropical storms are not predictable as well as other storms and of course that could change the entire dynamic of where oil does go. As you implied, there are no guarantees and unfortunately airfare as well as accommodation guarantees are not available. One side note, if you did book with Island Real Estate we have relaxed our cancellation policy so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call for additional details.

      Lastly, an oil spill response has been previously developed for a Skyway bridge disaster. It was already in place and WAS NOT developed for the Deep Water Horizon spill. Of course it would be foolish if the leadership of Anna Maria Island does not review the response developed earlier to be sure we are ready if oil comes our way.

      I think it is worth mentioning that I am a director on the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce, work closely with the Convention and Visitors bureau with the Manatee County and yes, consider myself one of many leaders in the Anna Maria community. For the first time since the spill, we have two community meetings this week to discuss oil predictions and plans. Yes, I will admit much of my livlihood is based on tourism and real estate. More importantly, regardless of oil, I will continue to live on Anna Maria Island for many more years to come. Real Estate-Tourism is a trust business and today it may be oil, tomorrow it could be housing prices and next it could be hurricanes. If I don’t continue to call it like I see it and provide the most honest feedback I can, I might as well leave the tourism and real estate business now because my character and reputation will be questioned for the next 30 years while I live on the island. I know this may be a little sappy and seem all too similar to a sales pitch but it is the best way I know how to communicate my interest in Anna Maria Island. I hope that helps a little and Pete, thanks for pushing me to be as honest as I can. Larry

  8. We are headed back to AMI for our 10th year summer vacation. We live in Atlanta and think of Anna Maria all through the year. We will head out on the 16th and return home on the 25th. One week was never enough so we have added a few days or even a second week. This summer we are so thankful to get there before the oil does. We are praying the oil won’t make it to AMI!

    1. Lynn, I am so sorry for the late reply. Yes Anna Maria Island restaurants are serving safe fish. At least I am eating the fish and not having any problems. The oil spill is really not affecting much water sports activities on the island. I am not sure if restaurants are having a tougher time finding fish. Wednesday, I did have a business visitor that ate at the Rod and Reel pier that grabbed some grouper which is a fish local to our waters and he said it was excellent. I had a member of my party yesterday have Salmon at lunch but that is really not a native fish. I will be going out tonight so I will ask the restaurant if they are seeing any problems as of late and let you know if I hear anything otherwise.


  9. Pete- are you serious? Pay you if you have problems with your trip? Who are you suggesting give you these life guarantees? Talk to your insurance company.or don’t live and participate in this trip we call life….

  10. Tobey-I think you’re missing Pete’s point. What Pete was trying to convey was that Larry’s response to the oil spill-that all is well on AMI is a little misguided and driven by Larry’s obvious motivation–his livelihood. I understand and empathize, but no one can guarantee WHEN tar balls (or worse) will be hitting shores of AMI. Larry also cannot guarantee that even if though the water’s are blue that there are no oil dispersants in water. So, everyone’s concerns are valid one that can’t be dismissed. Like Larry, Pete’s money is equally important. Most who vacation spend ALOT of money for their trips and I think their concerns are rational ones. We are not talking about an act of God here. Just because most things in life arent guaranteed does not mean people are gonna walk through life not trying to chart their way. Yes, I’m an AMI homeowner and we too are resigned that we may not be making our month long August trip this year.

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