June 2nd Oil Spill visitor and tourist update May 2010 Anna Maria

As most already know many failed attempts by BP continue to occur.  So oil continues to leak into the Gulf of Mexico.  We are all hopeful that the leak is stopped as quickly as possible.

Deep Water Horizon June 2nd, 2010 Situation Report.

A concentration of tarballs has been confirmed approximately 9-10 miles from the Escambia County shoreline which is Pensicola, Florida.   The NOAA oil plume model shows that it is 325 miles from St. Petersburg, Florida.  The larges of the cities mentioned by the Situation report which is about 40 miles to the North of Anna Maria Island.    With tar balls found 10 miles off the coast of Florida NOAA still projects no large oil impacts to the state of Florida.

For those concerned about how the oil spill may affect a potential hurricane the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has published a fact sheet titled “Hurricanes and the Oil Spill

Anna Maria Island continues to see no impact from oil and as stated above the closest oil is still more than 375 miles away.  We continue to have gorgeous white, sandy beaches.  Recently we just went fishing and were more than 15 miles off the coast of Anna Maria Island.  No oil, no smell of oil and still great fishing.  We caught Grouper, a shark, Snapper and several other fish.  See the video below for proof that our gorgeous Anna Maria Shoreline has been unaffected by BP.

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  1. So… Why did the Anna Maria Island Sun say that there is a smell of oil now on the island? We are planning to visit for 10 days in two weeks and have very small children and this will be their first time to a beach and the island. I am also bringing my 88-year-old Grandmother who has dreamed of one more trip to the beautiful island. I am very concerned for the local economy there with a local newspaper stating that THERE IS INFACT A SMELL OF OIL. While everyone else seems to say that there is no smell. Is there or not?

    1. I have not seen the SUN article that mentions smell of oil. I live on the island full time and admit I have smelled an odd odor about 7:30 – 8 AM when I leave my home close to the Tampa Bay. I have ONLY smelled it Thursday and Friday of this past week. The smell has only been in the early morning and is very brief. 1-2 hours in the morning.

      Lets discuss the odor. The odor reminds me of a very faint forest fire when the wind blows in the correct direction. I asked a few of our “veterans” at Island Real Estate that have lived on the island for more than 25 years what they thought the smell could be. None had smelled it however when describing the smell, one long time sales consultant reminded me that if it is in the early morning it is probably Tropicana burning their orange peels.

      So, do I have scientific evidence it is orange peels? Absolutely not. But, the very faint odor lasts 1-2 hours maximum in the early morning and it is gone for the rest of the day. I have smelled it twice in the last 4 weeks. To put your mind at ease… #1) I severely doubt the smell I have witnessed would curtail any portion of your fabulous Anna Maria Island Vacation. It is extremely faint. #2) I have not smelled it the last two mornings. However, I will be sure if I smell any additional unusual odors that I will let everyone know when and what time.

      As always – if you want additional updates just ask via comments and I would love to answer any questions you have as best and as honestly as possible.


  2. Larry,

    Thank you so much for your information! The article can be found at this link http://www.amisun.com/archives/2010/05-26-10/headlines.htm#five under the heading “Oil Disaster Still Unfolding”.

    I doubt that the smell you are describing is from the spill. From what I have read, this “sweet crude oil” smells like WD-40. Very sweet smelling. Until I had read this article in the Sun, I had blown off the comments on tripadvisor.com and other “review” websites. I will admit that this one made me very nervous. I have no plans to cancel unless I see photographs of oil on the sand there and if I didn’t have small children, I would still want to come and assist with clean up (if they would let us).

    While we are very excited that BP has successfully placed the “cap” on the leak, I will be more excited when I hear RELIABLE SOURCES say that it is no longer an issue. The damage that has already occurred is already so dreadful! One of the websites stated that someone was fishing 30 miles off the coast of Anna Maria and while there were no signs of oil or the smell of it, every fish they caught had “lockjaw”. It is so sad if that is true.

    I will keep checking back with you because I believe the residents of the island are my most trustworthy source of information. The media, government and tourists don’t know what it was like before, so how could they have a point of comparison?

    Thanks again!!

    1. You are welcome – I will say that last week Monday I went out Deep Sea Fishing 15-20 miles off Anna Maria Island and all was well. Spoke with our guide and at least 1.5 weeks ago all fish were normal and the one’s we kept sure tasted good! I would be really surprised if any fish off our coast have been affected but I will let everyone know if I hear good or bad.

  3. I will be visiting Anna Maria Island for the first time in one week! I will be bringing my wife and 18 month old son. We are very excited about this vacation, but a bit nervous that the oil could have an impact on our vacation.

    How long will it take to reach Anna Maria Island?

    What are some fun activities for an 18 month old boy?

    Name some good, fun, places to eat?

    We live in TN and will visit Anna Maria Island June 12-19. We are very excited.

    1. This link will help with travel time assuming you are flying down. Has Airport directions. About 35 minutes from Sarasota airport. About 1.15 hrs from Tampa. http://www.islandreal.com/where_ami.html

      For Fun restaurants Sandbar, Duffy’s, Skinny’s, Cafe on the beach, Chuckie Cheeses…for more information on restaurants …. http://blog.islandreal.com/restaurants/

      Here are a few top ten things to do lists…

  4. Jonathan! We will be showing up the day you are leaving!! I have 2 and 3 year old boys and we are planning on renting a Surrey from Beachbumsami one day. Plus planning a day trip to both the Florida Aquarium and Busch Gardens in Tampa. The rest of our stay we are planning to…well… do absolutely nothing but build sandcastles and relax on the beach! There is so much to do there! I hope you have fun!!!

    1. I will email you directly but of course will disclose I am in the tourism industry and work as a real estate consultant. I hope everyone has seen that we attempt to tell it like we see it. Yes, I live on Anna Maria Island…. Larry

  5. Larry, thanks for the advice. I checked the links out and it gave us some great ideas.

    Kristen, I had to actually look up “Surrey from Beachbumsami ” to see what that was. I have seen them before, just never knew the name. That is a great idea, we may rent one as well. We were considering Busch Gardens for one day trip.

    Thanks again.

    1. Great, I am glad the links worked well. Family was just down to Anna Maria Island two weeks ago and they went to Busch Gardens. They said they had a great time and they were impressed how the park is well suited for the hot days in Florida. Lots of shady spots to take a breather. They had a good time and I don’t think you will be dissappointed. Hopefully I will soon have some information on Busch Gardens posted on our website. I would admit however I would not hold your breath. They took about 1/2 hr of video and it will take me some time to dig through all that to post the “good” stuff.

  6. I am planning a family trip to St. Pete beach towards teh end of July will be watching closly the news and this website. I was told the Gulf Stream would catch any oil and whip it around the keys and up the coast as far as the Ga. and Carolina’s coast. Have any of you heard this?

    1. Yes, the continental shelf as well as the loop current should help to protect both Anna Maria Island, Sarasota and the Tampa, Clearwater areas. Our beaches remain beautiful. I would suggest going to the area chamber of commerce and finde a live camera that points to the beach so you can see real time what is happening. For example Anna Maria Island’s live web cam is in Bradenton Beach and the address is http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/generic/weather/webcams/bradenton-beach-live-webcam

    1. I was not aware there is a ban on fishing in the bay? I just fished the GULF 1.5 weeks ago and there was no ban?? My strong recommendation would be to search for fishing guides for Anna Maria Island or Tampa and ask them some questions. I have used Wolfmouth charters 941 720 4418 and ask him. He has been fishing the bay for many many years. Wayne the owner operator will tell you like it is. Heck, you might even find someone for your early July trip…

  7. We are planning to come for our annual trip tp Annan Maria in November and are hoping for the best. Good to see that things are going well there and I will check the beach cams closer to our trip as well. For those looking for kids activities. We love to go the the Cafe on the Beach. The kids like the music and the playground out front in the sand. We go there daily for lunch, pancake bfast, or an ice cream treat and some good playtime while we are there with our kids (3,4,9 yrs old)

    1. Great suggestion on Cafe on the Beach. We don’t expect any of the activities to change but the concession owner of the Cafe on the Beach will be changing hands in the middle of the summer. Hopefully we will only see positive improvements and I know the new owners have stated they will still have the all you can eat pancakes and music. Another great one is to grab a to go lunch, head up to the Bayfront park on a weekday. Have the kids run around and grab lunch as they want as you relax and enjoy Anna Maria Island, the bay, and the laughter of children playing.

  8. hello, I am arriving in Bradenton next Monday (6 – 14) and am planning to stay through 6/26. I am coming with my 84 year old mother and 10 year old son. We have been planning this trip for months and are so excited and eager to visit the beaches of Anna Maria Island. Please tell me if the oil is predicted to hit while we are there? We are afraid of not being able to cool off in the water or walk on the beautiful beaches and don’t know whether to cancel. We also hope to visit St. Petersburg,Sanibel Island and possibly the Everglades. Should we keep our plans for the trip? Is the air quality (concerns about the oil burn-off) ok for my son who is very asthmatic?

    Please advise with honesty!



    1. Catherine, you are going to have a great time. There are no oil smells here on Anna Maria Island. There was a bit of a pause last week and I actually smelled an odd forest fire type smell for two mornings but was reminded it was the Tropicana plant burning oranges. For the past 1 week + there have been no smells. My wife and six year old son hit the beach earlier this week. We have friends in town and they hit the beach yesterday and they will all be going out to the beach today. The bottom line, no oil on Anna Maria Island beaches. No oil forecasted for the foreseeable future (7days). No oil forecast for St. Pete, Sanibel or Everglades. Put your mind at ease, you are going to have a great vacation!

      For the long term. The experts (non-BP folks) inform us that Anna Maria Island-Tampa will be oil free for the next month or so at least. The loop current and continental shelf will assist to make sure we are not affected. As soon as I hear otherwise I will provide for a post and I hope to be able to keep providing timely video’s or our gorgeous Anna Maria Island Beaches… Larry

  9. We have been coming to the Madeira Beach area for several years. Our dates this year are July 31-Aug. 14. Some of my family members are anxious about coming because they are so sure the oil will be affecting the area by then. As a resident, can you tell me anything I haven’t already looked up and read about? Thanks.

    1. I know I used Tampa in my URL however I don’t have much experties regarding Madeira beach. What I can say is Anna Maria Island is only 35 or so miles to the South. If Madeira beach is affected so will we. We are all optimistic the oil will not affect our beaches but there are no guarantees. Right now for the area there are no mentions or forecast of problems on their way. I would suggest grabbing the news or hitting this blog once a week. I will continue to take video and pictures of our beach and post them real time so you can see EXACTLY what is happening to the Anna Maria Island beaches. Thanks for your question and sorry I helped just a little.

  10. Linda our family will be on vacation around the same time in Indian Rocks right above you. I am watching a live webcam on Myclearwater.com. The webcam refreshes every 60 seconds and there are 3 different cameras one from pier 60 so you can see people in the Gulf swimming. Plus it is so nice to watch the sunsets and look forward to seeing them in person! Hope you and your family have a great vacation!

  11. My fiancee and I are getting married August 8th and are planning a honeymoon on Anna Maria Island the 9th-14th.

    We have not yet purchased plane tickets nor have we made reservations for a place to stay. I am kind of hesitant, because I do not know if the oil will hit by this time.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello Brad, sorry for the delay.
      If you are looking for a big house with a pool it is probably already too late to find something on Anna Maria Island. 3 Bedrooms with pools are going pretty fast. If a (1) bedroom or (2) bedroom is all you need with or without a pool then I would suggest you wait it out and you should be ok making your accommodation reservation about 1-2 weeks before. If you give me more details about how many are in the party, close to the Gulf, on the Gulf, pool – no pool I can let you know my thoughts regarding waiting until the last minute on arranging accommodations.

      Plane ticket prices are another story. I would suggest you do a little research to see how much more it costs to get tickets that allow you to move your date for up to a year and try to weigh the cost between purchasing a ticket now that allows you to move the dates or purchase last minute to try and wait out.

      I hope that helps..

  12. I have a home on AMI and while I am not there at the present, my son and family are there. They report no oil on the beaches or any impact at all. Their teenage daughter reported on Facebook this morning that everything on AMI is wonderful including the ocean water!

  13. Larry,

    I appreciate your information.

    We are only needing a one bedroom as it is just myself and my fiancee. A pool is something that we would be interested in also.

    I have stayed at Cedar Cove Resort about 3 times with my family and we have really liked the atmosphere, and Eric, the owner has always been friendly and very warm welcoming.

    I did see Tortuga Inn online and that looked like something that we would like to know more information on, as it’s just hard to get a feel for it from pictures online.

    We definitely want to be on the Gulf, like Cedar Cove Resort is.

    1. I think either of your choices will work. Of course you can check with us to see if we have a beach front vacation rental. Both resorts are very popular and of course if you want to really go after something romantic check in with the Harrington House. They are a Gulf Front Bed and Breakfast. http://www.harringtonhouse.com/

  14. Well, it is now 29 days till we leave, I have waited but have sent more money and the rental agreement. Any truth to what I see on the St.Pete paper website about seeing a sheen off Clearwater? We always go up there too.

  15. Ok Larry talk to me about Tropical storms. How bad are they? We are coming in Sat. the same day the storm is supposed to hit. Our sons are flying in Sat. at 1:00. How concerned should I be? We’ve never been in the middle of a tropical storm.

    1. Storm? I just checked the weather and there is some disturbance in the Caribean. Is that the one you are worried about? Flying in during a storm wont be fun probably some turbulence. A Tropical storm is similar to a windy rain storm up North. I would not let it bother you. If it turns into a hurricane that is when we need to start taking notice. I will watch the news and try to give you an update if I see anything that bothers me. FYI – I went to the beach for a few hours today and did what any father of a six year old son would do. Hit the waves, dug in the sand and relaxed. The beach was gorgeous and of course no oil!

  16. Thank you for the update they are saying it should hit Tampa 8am Saturday. Hope it goes the other way the people of the Gulf have had enough bad news. Enjoy that 6 year old they grow up too fast wish we could go back to that age with our boys now 19, 23, and 25. Lucky all have broken up with their girlfriends and are coming ALONE! Just hope we can get them there safe. Mom and Dad driving in with all the luggage something not fair about that! Thank you for the information.

  17. Just returned home from a great vacatin week in Indian Rocks beach. Thank you Larry for all you helpful advice. Water and weather were great. Wish we could have stayed longer. ALready making plans for another visit!

  18. On the Anna Maria Island Flickr Group we’re hoping AMI locals will post pics of our gorgeous emerald beaches so that everyone will know we’ve been able to avoid the oil so far. 🙂

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