June 25th Anna Maria Island – Children Interviews – No Oil!

Island Real Estate is trying to mix it up a little bit with our videos of the Anna Maria Island Beaches.   No changes to our Anna Maria Island beaches.  As of June 25th the oil is still hundreds of miles from our beaches.

We wanted to get the perspective of children regarding our white sugar sand.  Not much more to say but take a look at the video below which was shot June 21st, 2010.  Thanks to i-Jack for taking the video and the interviews.  He of course lives and “plays” full-time on beautiful Anna Maria Island.   Always trying to give a local perspective.

One thought on “June 25th Anna Maria Island – Children Interviews – No Oil!”

  1. Through the mouths of babes…we have been out all day and it is so beautiful..the sunset was to die for…no tar and no problems here!! Come and enjoy the most quaint of all Islands in the world…Anna Maria Island! You cannot find a better vacation destination..It is the only way to go!!

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