Happy New Year 2009 from the Island Real Estate team

This year was no different.  At noon on December 31st the staff at the Island Real Estate office celebrated New Years a bit early with sparkling cider, hats, and horns.  We expressed our thanks for our loyal customers and those that are new.  We are blessed to live in our little piece of paradise known as Anna Maria Island.  One by one we gave our New Year’s resolutions, Health & Happiness to all, more great customers, more great owners, and lots of buyers were the most popular wished for 2009.  Of course we wished for no Hurricanes or Red Tide.  John van Zandt was kind enough to snap a picture of the rental team.   First Row Left to Right: Sheila, Carol, Kacey.  Second row Left to Right: Katie, Larry, Lynn, Katie.

Happy New Year, Island Real Estate Rental Staff Picture

Happy New Year from your Island Real Estate of Anna Maria Island, Inc team!

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