Gulf Coast Oil Spill Update for Anna Maria Island May 5-10th

It is understandable that many have questions and certainly comments about the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  This page is an attempt for Island Real Estate of Anna Maria Island to keep our community and guests aware of the latest updates from the Environmental Protection Agency as well as local resources with expertise on the conditions of wildlife and water currents.  Please click the link below which will open our updates regarding the spill.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us or call us toll free at 877 778 6066.

Birds, Birds, Birds
Birds, Birds, Birds

Thank you for visiting Island Real Estate of Anna Maria Island’s website.  We pride ourselves in providing open and honest information for our guests, owners and potential guests.  The Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has generated a great deal of questions.

From the Situation Report #7 – Noon EST May 5th.
“Unified” officials estimate the leak to be emitting 5000 gallons of oil per day

into the Gulf of Mexico.   Governor Christ has issued a state of emergency for Manatee County which is the county where Anna Maria Island is located.  This is primarily done to ensure that if emergency resources are required that our county and Anna Maria Island will receive all the resources required.

Earlier in the week three leaks were found in the pipe which connected the oil rig on the surface.  Here is a video that explains the three leaks.  The great news is the response team has been able to shut off one of the three leaks.  This was the smaller of three leaks.  The first collection dome was deployed today however officials estimate it will take one week to have the dome fully deployed.

Most importantly, for a picture of the potential location of the oil spill as of May 5th please click here.

For the Visit Florida information page on the oil spill please visit their website.

So for the great news – NOAA forecasts no Florida landfall of oil in the next 72 hours.

From the Situation room on May 6th Noon EST. Report #8

Yesterday, controlled burns accounted for 1,000 gallons of oil burned.  Additional burns will be conducted throughout the day today.  There are 6,700 personnel working on and offshore, with an additional 2,500 trained volunteers and 270 vessels at work.   To date, an estimated 1.2 million barrels of an oil-water mix has been recovered.   Just a reminder that this is an oil-water mix.

Today Governor Christ sent a letter to President Obama requesting continued urgency and funds for the unprecedented disaster.  To read the letter click here.

NOAA has some great maps regarding the planned trajectory of the oil spill.  The map linked here shows the trajectory of the oil from May 2nd to May 5th as well as in yellow/orange the projected path as far out as May 7th.  Take a peak and of course you can see the spill remains just off the coast of Mississippi and Louisiana.

There is more mainstream information found on the news channels regarding stopping the oil spill with a large vessel.  This vessel is being dropped into place today and conservatively will be containing the leak as soon as Monday of next week.

On Anna Maria Island, businesses remain cautiously optimistic and are anxious to see the leak stopped.  Our local newspapers are picking up several stories and we all remain optimistic our “peace” of paradise will not be impacted.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.  That is what we are here for!

Deep Horizon Oil Spill
Oil Free beaches on Anna Maria Island.

May 7th, Situation Report #9
The oil containment chamber or dome, was lowered into the water on May 6th, 2010.  The chamber is expected to be operational on Sunday, May 9th, 2010 according to officials.  This is fantastic news as the leak needs to be stopped as soon as possible.  There are 8,497 people working on and offshore with an additional 2,500+ trained volunteers.  As of May 6th, approximately 1.89 million gallons of an oil-water mix has been recovered.  There are 256 vessels working to respond to the oil spill.  There has been 876,936 feet of boom barriers deployed with a total of 1,287,764 feet available.

The Gulf loop current is far south of the oil spill and there is no imminent threat that the spill will be picked up by the loop current.

Situation Room Report – May 9th – Noon

100% of all Florida beaches are open and the 72-hour NOAA trajectory projects no oil landfall in Florida.  According to NOAA, the oil spill is 120 miles from Pensacola, 170 miles from Port St. Joe, and 310 miles from Tampa.  Winds are forecast to have an eastward direction from Sunday through Monday.

Unfortunately the dome solution has not worked.  The containment dome has filled with ice crystals which is impeding the oil intervention.  BP continues to work on a solution to fix the ice crystals.  In addition there will be no controlled burns today.

Situation Room Update May 10th – Noon – 2010

Florida beaches remain open and the 72-hour NOAA trajectory shows no oil landfall in Florida.

NOAA estimates the spill is 100 miles southwest of Pensacola, 179 miles from Port St. Joe, and 340 miles from Tampa.  The winds will be a moderate southeasterly wind path across the Gulf Coast for the next several days.  The wind flow is estimated to be 10-20 knots through Thursday. It is this  southeasterly flow that will create potential for new areas of landfall in Louisiana. Seas will generally run 2-4 feet today and rise to 3-5 feet Tuesday.

There will be no controlled burns today.

News on potential new solutions to shut off the supply of oils remains minimal.  Officials continue to work on the containment dome as well as a plug like solution for oil spout.


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  1. I fell in love with your island when my son and the Indiana Hoosier baseball team started playing a spring tournament in Bradenton. I just released a novel set on Anna Maria, (Awakening Avery)so this news of your beautiful island being threatened by the spill really hits home now. I’m so sorry and pray someone finds a way to get this disaster controlled.

    All the best,

    Laurie LC Lewis

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