Great Italian – Marina’s Restaurant – Bradenton, Florida

Marina’s restaurant is just a short 10 minute ride from Anna Maria Island, Fl.  It is just past the causeway from Holmes

Fantastic Italian Salad
Fantastic Italian Salad

Beach off Manatee Avenue.  Marina’s has a small outside seating area in the plaza.  The outdoor seating while nice, would not be my reason for visiting Marina’s.  The reason for visiting Marina’s is for their fantastic Italian dining.  Marina’s is a small intimate family run Italian restaurant.  They have a bar area to seat about 5 people as well as inside seating for about 25 with a large table that can accommodate 10 or so.

Fantastic Lasagna
Fantastic Lasagna

Marina’s has lots of Italian dishes to choose from.  Their appetizer choices are fairly diverse.  Baked Rosemary potato with cheese, Anchovies wit lemon, Bruschetta, Fried eggplant, Mussels and Calamari fradiavolo, and many more.  While Marina’s does not have a children’s menu they will accommodate children with smaller dishes like spaghetti and meatballs.  My son believe it or not loves the lasagna.  The Italian restaurant offers large 14 inch pizzas with lots of toppings.  Marina’s offers a few Italian sandwiches as well as plenty of traditional Italian Specialties that are served with salad and bread.  Chicken Parmesan, Veal Milanese, Veal Marsala, Eggplant Parmesan, Carbonara, Ziti, Tortellini primavera alfredo, cheese or meat ravioli and about 7 other entrees.  Most of which are UNDER $10.00.  That’s right I said salad, bread, and a phenomenal traditional Italian meal for less than $10.

If you need some help with a larger group then be sure to call for a family size meal for take out.  They have Spaghetti, Cheese Ravioli, Baked ziti, plus if you ask nicely they usually will make something special for you if you catch them with

Bar, Booth, and tables
Bar, Booth, and tables

plenty of time.  Marina’s menu says the family size serves eight but I think they figured eight Italian men that are hungry!  The family size I saw was more like 10-12.  The family meals are still homemade and fantastic plus the prices will blow you away.  At the time of this writing the MOST expensive family size portion cost $26.00.  I did not write this post in 1985, it is late 2009.  Wow, what a bargain!  Awesome.

Marina's large gathering table
Marina’s large gathering table

In addition to the family size the entire menu allows for take out as well.  So, if you are coming in from a long day of traveling to Anna Maria Island for your vacation rental give Marina’s a call the day before.  Get an order of take out and on your way on to Anna Maria Island, swing over to “Marina’s just off State Route 64 and pick up your to go.  Grab your vacation rental keys from Island Real Estate and as soon as you get into your vacation rental get out the plates and make the family happy and have a great Italian meal on the cheap.

Marina’s is just a short trip off Anna Maria Island.  Head East on State Route 64/Manatee Avenue.  Just past 75th pull in to the Albertson’s plaza on the South side of the street and look for Marina’s at the East end of the plaza.  It is tough to miss and if you love Italian then I strongly suggest you venture off Anna Maria Island to try out Marina’s.  I don’t think  you will be sorry.

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Marina’s Restaurant
Albertson’s Plaza
7467 Manatee Avenue W.
Bradenton, FL
(941) 792-4152
(941) 792-1235 Fax

Oops, forgot to mention the owner has accomplished a few things in the past.  He created a world record pizza.  The guiness book of world records says the pizza was 80 feet in diameter and 18,664 lbs.   A  second good Italian choice on Anna Maria Island is the Island Gourmet in central Holmes Beach.

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