Fundraiser For Youth Programs On Anna Maria Island


Wild West Style Fundraiser on Anna Maria Island

On Saturday The Anna Maria Island Community Center hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater as a fundraiser for their youth programs at the center.  Local Anna Maria Island businesses and town folk showed up in their Wild West gear for an evening of Western style fun. 

The Gymnasium at Anna Maria Island Community Center was set up like a Western Style Saloon from 1865, complete with Gambling Tables, BBQ, and Wanted Gunslingers.  As the lights darkened and the play began, the town folk settled in to solve the murder of the Sheriff.  Sheriff Marshall T. Pott has been doing a killer job of cleaning up Dodge E. City and some of the town folk are gathering at the local saloon to celebrate.  But before the party even gets started they find out that the Sheriff has been shot.  While discussing the murder all of the characters drop clues on who done it, and try to solve the murder, before the Sheriff of Tombstone arrives and takes charge.

After the second act, we all received a letter in old morse code, that gave us clues on who the Killer was, and believe me, they all had their reasons for wanting him dead.  There was an out of town gunslinger and known gang member, who just happened to breeze into town for all the wrong reasons.  Of course, we had the Saloon Owner and one of her working girls that knew all of the town secrets, and had a few of their own.  Just what do those girls do in the rooms for rent above the saloon with those cowboys and lawmen?  The Indian chief said he just came into town for a drink and General Custard was just there ready to make a stand.  But the poor widow Ranch Owner, the Telegraph Operator, and the Banker all seemed guilty to me…

By the end of the third act General Custard arrested Miss Lilly, the Saloon owner and threw her in jail.  But individuals and local businesses in the crowd raised $5000.00 cash to bail her out.  After all she was innocent!  Just like the old western movies and cartoons, it was the banker all along.


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