Carol Bernard Celebrates Her 17th Year At Island Real Estate!

Congratulations to Carol for her 17 years with Island Real Estate!  Island Real Estate has been so lucky to have her all these years, and we would not know what to do without her.  Carol has held office throughout the building over the years, and knows this place like the back of her hand!  She is our fearless leader of the Rentals Department, and can answer every property question that you have. 

This Florida native knows her stuff and we are so proud to have her as a pivotal part of our team!  Her insight and experience is a priceless piece of our Island Real Estate family!  Carol can tell you all the ins and outs of hundreds of island homes, give you tips on all the local attractions, eateries and shops, and always delight you with a story.  Island history with a laugh and a smile, and a can do attitude that always wants your vacation to be the very best-that’s Carol!

Carol can tell you where to pick  up Brighton  jewelry (her favorite) on the island, where to catch a great sunset, where to grab a tasty lunch (can we say Tortilla Bay? ), a quick treat (from Sweet Berries to “squishies”)-whatever you can think up, she’s got the scoop!  We relish her baking (does anyone like cake??), and we love that you always know it’s Carol’s stuff- whether it’s a note, or a stapler, it’s gotta be pink!  Thanks Carol, for this first 17 years, we look forward to 17+ more!!!  Happy Anniversary!

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