Ride details for Busch Gardens Tampa

Cheetah Hunt Busch Gardens

Cheetah Hunt

This ride is themed after the animal it is named for so you can expect high speed and turns when you ride it. The ride reaches a max speed of 60 mph, has a duration of 3:30, 1 inversion, and has a largest drop of 130 feet, and is 102 feet at its highest point.

Sheikra takes you on a near 200 foot vertical dive after the ascent up the lift. You’ll get a good look at the drop as the coaster leaves you dangling just over the edge before the car is released down the track. The coaster reaches a top speed of 70 mph, features 1 inversion, and has a ride length of 2:20.
The Wild Surge Busch Gardens Florida

The Wild Surge

This ride is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 13 requiring a height less than 48″. Riders are lifted up the tower and dropped repeatedly with the final lift holding the riders at the top before the ride’s end.
Jungle Flyers Busch Gardens
Jungle Flyer
Another ride designed for 6-13 year olds, but requiring a minimum height of 48″ is the Jungle Flyer. It is a ride allowing riders a back and forth journey along a zipline in a hang-glider style seat.
Sand Serpent Busch Gardens

Sand Serpent

Sand Serpent is a wild mouse style roller coaster that winds around itself. It reaches a max height of 45 feet, has a max speed of 28 mph, and the duration is approximately 1:50. It seats four passengers per car in two rows.
Gwazi Busch Gardens
Gwazi used to feature two dueling wooden roller coasters that had the same specifications, but in in summer 2012 the Tiger side of the roller coaster was shut down due to budgetary reasons. The Lion roller coaster reaches a max speed of 51 mph, drops almost 92 feet, reaches a height of 106 feet, and has a duration of 2:30.
Congo River Rapids Busch Gardens

Congo River Rapids

This river rafting ride sends you down rapids while spinning and twirling you around. Watch out for the water guns that park guests can shoot at you with from above!
Kumba Busch Gardens
Kumba is one of the premier coasters of the park featuring 7 inversions, a 135 foot drop, height of 143 feet, and a max speed of 60 mph. The duration of the ride is 2:54. The cars seat four passengers per row across eight rows.
Montu Busch Gardens


Montu is another signature coaster of the park featuring 7 inversions, a 151 foot drop, max height of 150 feet, and a max speed of 65 mph. The duration of the ride is 3:00. The cars seat four passengers per row across eight rows. The cars allow passengers to dangle their feet.
Rhino Rally Busch Gardens
Rhino Rally
Rhino Rally is a safari themed adventure ride that places the rider in a scavenger hunt for some misplaced items. Riders will travel through alligator ponds, past African killer ducks, as they speed towards the finish line.
Scorpion Busch Gardens


Scorpion is currently the oldest roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa, and is still one of the favorites. The coaster reaches a height of 60 feet, has a drop of 45 feet, reaches a max speed of 50 mph and has a duration of 2:15. The cars seat two per row with two rows per car and five cars per train.
Serengeti Railway
Serengeti Railway

Take a ride on the Serengeti Railway to get a look at the park wildlife. Get a seat on the left-hand side of the train for the best view! The trains run on clean-burning propane and feature a 1900s African inspired design as well as an American Old West themed train.
Stanley Falls Busch Gardens

Stanley Falls

Take a ride along this log flume ride with a splash around each turn. Be prepared for the 40 foot drop that will completely soak you at the end!
Tanganyika Tidal Wave Busch Gardens
Tanganyika Tidal Wave

For the more adventurous water ride enthusiast try out the Tanganyika Tidal Wave. This ride also has a bridge where park guests can stand and get soaked from the raft’s water blast. The 55 foot drop will engulf you in the tidal wave the ride is named after.
Skyride Busch Gardens


This cable car ride will take you to opposite sides of the park and runs between the Crown Colony zone and the Congo area.


For more information on Busch Gardens or other attractions visit our Tampa or family fun sections!  Plan on visiting Busch Gardens?  Stay at the Beach instead of the City.  Anna Maria Island is a short 1 hour ride away from Tampa, Fl.

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