Beach Reads – Beautiful Ruins is a Beautiful Beach Read!

Anna Maria Island – Pop this paperback in your beach bag and get lost in a fantastic story that begins on a different island with our latest beach read…

Beautiful Ruins by Jess WalterThis “almost love story” begins in 1962 when a local hotelier on a sleepy Italian island coastline is surprised to see an American actress arrive by boat, and thus turn the entire village upside down. Pasquale runs the hotel with his sickly mother, Dee Moray (aka “The American woman”), and is sent to the island by her Hollywood boyfriend under false and suspicious pretenses. Neither Pasquale nor Dee speak the other’s language yet somehow they become friends. A comedy of errors, misunderstandings and events occur which lead the two down different paths only to be reunited 50 years later in Hollywood.

This book has everything – action, big name historical movie stars (Dee’s boyfriend is Richard Burton!), old time Hollywood gossip (in Italy filming Cleopatra!), intrigue (is the mob involved?), war (WWII soldiers still in Italy!) and most of all, friendship and love. The type of friendship and love that lasts beyond country, beyond full lives with different families and back to each other. While there is no obvious romance between Pasquale and Dee, the reader definitely feels the emotion past a simple friendship.

Beautiful Ruins is a must read, an escape from more serious titles perfect for sitting on Anna Maria Island’s pristine beaches. I found myself smiling as I read and actually hugged the book when I finished. You won’t be sorry you gave this adorable little story a try.

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