Another day in paradise….not just a catch phrase

Anna Maria Island – In case you are sitting at your desk, looking out your office window at the bleak and gray skies, daydreaming about what it is like on Anna Maria Island today; well, here it is for you.

I drove to work with the convertible top down, even though it was a little chilly (74 degrees). It was a good thing I had on my Island Real Estate baseball cap because the sun was so bright and combined with the clear blue sky, it was crazy bright! The worst part of my drive to work was passing (and NOT stopping) the AMI Donut shop. Oh my goodness! The aroma around that place is intoxicating!

My morning break I spent feeding grapes to the two squirrels that hang out near our Pine Avenue office. I call them Fred and Ethel. The sunshine was going strong by then.

I decided to run out and pick up a sandwich for lunch at the 941 Deli. Great sandwiches, but even more importantly, another excuse to cruise in my convertible. It had warmed up to 81 by then. Almost too warm for the top down! (Can a woman ever be happy?) Fred and Ethel kept me company while I noshed al fresco under the large Royal Ponciana tree at the back of our building. They seem to ‘play-chase’ the lizards. I guess everyone is a ‘big dog’ to someone!

There is a sweet breeze this afternoon as I watch the sea grass and jacarandas sway, ever so slightly, across the street from the office. The jacaranda has beautiful lavender bell shaped blooms. I am not sure if it is the color or the fragrance that attracts the wild parrots to roost in the tree. But their chatter is delightful!

They just announced on the radio that is it 48 degrees in Chicago and snow is expected along the Great Lakes. Well, I hate it for you…

Hurry up and come back, Anna Maria misses you almost as much as you miss her!

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