Anna Maria Island’s 4th of July Celebration 2013

4th of July FireworksIt’s here again, that day where you have to go outside, sit in beach chairs as parade floats pass by, and watch fireworks burst in front of your eyes. With just a few days left until this grand island spectacle, you should be ready to go enjoy yourselves!  Alright, let’s talk about what will go down…

A must see feature to our celebration would, of course, be the Anna Maria Island parade. Every year, the Anna Maria Island Privateers host a parade where businesses will ride in floats, and some in boats, through the island, tossing beads and candy to those who wish to take part, and all you have to do is bring some chairs, some bags to hold your loot, and some red, white and blue – but don’t be late because it all starts at 10 a.m., and trust me when I say you should not miss this!

After the barbecuing and family stuff, around that time where it starts getting dark out, is another attraction you should not miss. We all know the most important part of July Fourth, (celebrating how a bunch of olden day folks made America by standing up to the King of the British Empire) but what I’m talking about is the second most important part – FIREWORKS!  And if you want to see them on the 4th, the best spot to stay would be on the beach by the Sandbar restaurant  in Anna Maria, and if your planing to blow your own stuff up you should know law enforcement will be beefed up that night to ensure we all have a fun and safe time.  If you can’t wait until the Fourth of July for fireworks, don’t worry because the Beach House Restaurant has you covered:


July 3, 2013 Anna Maria Island:
Fireworks on the beach, just after dark (around 9pm)
Beach House Restaurant
200 Gulf Drive N
Bradenton Beach, FL

July 4, 2013: Anna Maria Island:

Fireworks on the beach, just after dark (around 9pm)

The Sandbar Restaurant
100 Spring Avenue
Anna Maria, FL

Want a few Anna Maria Island vacation rental choices a walk away from Sandbar or the Beach house?  The Seashell Cottage at 118 Palmetto is one fabulous choice close to the Sandbar.  Water Colors located at 109 Palm is another fabulous choice.  For a vacation rental close to the Beach House try Bay View Inn.  Best yet, visit our interactive Anna Maria Island Map which shows visually all the locations of our Anna Maria Island Vacation rentals and choose for yourself!

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