Anna Maria Island Oil Update – Our Beaches are beautiful June 17th

I apologize, I have not made it out to the gorgeous white sugar sand beaches of Anna Maria Island all week to show how wonderful our beaches continue to remain.   So I have no video at this time but will plan to grab some in the next few days.  If you have recently visited Anna Maria Island continue to comment on our post and if you have any pictures or video please share.

The past two nights I have attended Anna Maria Community meetings regarding discussions revolving around our communities readiness in the unlikely event we see oil.  Tonight Anna Maria Island community leaders, politicians, a Dr. at the Mote Marine Laboratory and a life-long commercial fisherman Karen Bell spoke to a large group of individuals at the Anna Maria Community center.  As we all know, our beaches remain open and beautiful with no impact from the BP oil spill.

What remains clear is no one knows for sure what impact will be on the sea life in the Gulf of Mexico.  What is clear is no one knows for sure where oil will wash up.  What is clear is our beautiful white sand beaches of Anna Maria Island remain open and beautiful and for the next several weeks that will continue to be the case.

I will post our meeting minutes from this evening and one resource I have not touched on in the past is the Mote Marine Aquarium.  The Mote Aquarium is a great scientific resource for Gulf Coast updates.  One important resource among many that they provide is daily updates of our Anna Maria Beaches.  That’s right, in the morning and afternoon the Mote Marine laboratory has arranged for lifeguards to report conditions at several beaches in the area.  One of which is Anna Maria Island.   Let me take you through the buttons to hit to get to the page which provides the two daily updates.

Click Here – Take note of the buttons to the upper left and depress “Southwest”, then depress “Manatee”, you will then see on the right hand map a green bubble on Anna Maria Island.  Click that bubble once and the latest update will be provided.  The update shows the time, date of the last update, rip current, surf height and yes, oil impacts.  Of course we are free of any oil on our beaches.

Anna Maria Oil Spill Meeting
Anna Maria Community Meeting

7 thoughts on “Anna Maria Island Oil Update – Our Beaches are beautiful June 17th”

  1. Hello! Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for keeping us updated about the island. I will be visiting at the end of August (bad timing!) But it’s nice to hear that it still has not touched the beautiful waters of Anna Maria Island yet 🙂

    1. I think you will be ok but keep checking our blog and I will make sure I keep everyone posted. Just had someone take a video of our beach yesterday and hope to post ASAP. Thanks for the kind words! Also you can check our Facebook out

  2. Thanks so much for the updates. I check daily. We are heading to AMI on August 1st and will be there for a week. This is our very 1st family vacation and it is much needed. My daughter was diagnosed with psoriasis and the salt water is suppose to help. Hopefully she will be able to take a dip all week with no oil.

    1. Your very welcome. All is still well on Anna Maria Island. Tomorrow I will get out to the beach and get some more video for everyone. Sorry for the delay and thanks for checking in!

    1. Scientifically there is no projection for oil to hit Anna Maria island so you should be good for your visit in late July. The one wild card is mother nature. A hurricane or tropical storm could make things a bit different so I would suggest once a week or so to watch NOAA for potential tropical storms. Thanks for checking in!

  3. Hello everone, We are not going to see any oil on our beautiful beaches. I am a former underwater photographer for Jacque Cousteau and I know these water well. I build a new website, for free, for the people of Florida and it’s economy and for the people all over the world that love visiting Florida beaches.
    Check it out. . I am now working on the beaches south of the Skyway. Have soom great shots for the website. I will come down , for Free, and photograph or BlueRay DVD some specials places that you could help point us to. Sarasota International airport has some of my work up there if you wish to see what I can do. LongBoat key club is up there and is a panorama 10 feet tall and 70 feet long,, and others too. My wife and I love Anna Maria Island extra special because I swam and fished here as a boy, we honneymoon here and we taught our children how to love and respect the everchanging seashore. Yes we love where the sea meets snow white suger sand beachs spekeled with seashells and seabirds too. Look forward to hearing from you. My own website is: .

    Thank You,
    Robert and JoAnn Gladden

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