Anna Maria Island – Oil Spill Visitor Update – June 10th

Once again I could quote alot of spill updates, how many gallons are being contained but I think we all want to know how and if Anna Maria island has been affected by the Deep Water Oil Spill.  The answer continues to be NO.  About a week ago I admitted that I smelled an odd odor just in the mornings.  It smelled more similar to a faint forest fire than any oil smell.  Just the two mornings.  No smell since which would more closely confirm that Tropicana was burning orange peels for live stock feed.   There is No oil smell on or near Anna Maria Island.

My wife and son hit the beach again yesterday.  We took some more video of the wonderful white beaches of Anna Maria Island.  Take a look.  Only oil on the beach today was sun tan oil!

Let me know if you have any additional questions or would like to see something specific.  Of course another great resource is the LIVE video feed of the Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island.

2 thoughts on “Anna Maria Island – Oil Spill Visitor Update – June 10th”

  1. Hi Larry:
    We are getting closer to our trip to the island. We arrive on July 3! We can’t wait but I am getting nervous with the oil hitting parts of florida. My husband is still confident that the oil is at least two hundred miles from the island. It took 7 plus weeks to get to the northern part of florida and he doesn’t believe it will get to the island. Any more thoughts on this?



    1. Sounds like your husband is a smart man. Based on the loop current and continental shelf we are not expected to see an oil impact on any of our shores. However, tropical storms are unpredictable and could create a surprise for Anna Maria Island. I would watch for tropical storms in the Atlantic and if nothing comes our way we should be in the clear.

      Make sure you get out to Marina or Gulf drive on July 3rd if you can to see the Anna Maria Island parade. If you plan to arrive on the island from 11 AM – 3 PM, July 3rd, DON’T. The parade will have everything backed up and you will be much better to have some fun OFF the island so you are not stuck in traffic for HOURS AND HOURS. Enjoy the fireworks and hope to post some information on great things to do for the 4th of July. Travel safe!

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