Anna Maria Island June 27th visitor oil update

No changes on Anna Maria Island.  No oil, no tar balls, just beautiful white sandy beaches.  Yesterday Anna Maria Island saw hundreds of people hit our beaches to announce their protest against oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.   Our local newspaper constructed a story on the oil protest.

Below is a video that I shot in Bradenton Beach today – June 27th.  I have to apologize I did not have much time today so I grabbed the video camera out of nice cool car and immediately threw it into the heat of the Florida day so you will see a few condensation drops on the lens.  Sorry!  The bottom line, you can still see there is NO oil in Bradenton Beach or Holmes Beach.

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4 thoughts on “Anna Maria Island June 27th visitor oil update”

    1. Things are great still on Anna Maria Island. Sorry I have been busy with a few other things. Enlisting help to add some pics I took on 4th of July. Gorgeous White Sand is still here!! No Oil!

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