Movies on the cheap, Desoto Dollar Movie Theater

Are you looking for a place to go that is air conditioned and has great entertainment on the cheap?  Desoto Dollar movie theater is the right place for you!  The Bradenton Dollar movie theater is just a short fifteen minute drive from Anna Maria island, Fl.  It makes for a great family outing on a day where you are looking for a break from the sun at the beach or if it is a rainy day.

The moviMovie tickets for families vacationing on Anna Maria Islandes are not new releases but they do tend to have a great selection of kids movies as well as movies for the big kids.   Unfortunately, there is no website for the Desoto Movie theater so either call the number below or type Desoto Bradenton into Google.

TIP: They do not accept credit cards, so bring along some cash.

The movie theater is located inside the Desoto Square mall in Bradenton, Fl.  Head East from Anna Maria island.  For directions visit the link below.

Dollar Movies at Desoto Square
303 US 301 Blvd Suite 911
Bradenton, FL 34205
(941) 744-2950
View Map & Directions from Anna Maria Island

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