Anna Maria Island celebrates Geckofest 2010 with a display at Duffy’s Tavern!

Duffys Anyone driving around the past few months always asks me the same questions – what’s with the big creatures on all the buildings? No, they are not bugs, no they are not dinosaurs… they are part of Gecko Fest 2010! I have LOVED spotting all the Geckos and searching for new ones! Local artists and sponsors have gotten together to design and display the adorable 6 foot Geckos which have adorned businesses and county buildings since December 2009. My husband and I are definitely headed to the preview party is this Friday, April 16th at downtown riverfront Rossi Park. The Geckos will then enjoy a float ride down Manatee Ave during the Heritage Festival Parade April 24th. Each Gecko is unique and aptly named so, such as “Van Gecko” by artist Mindy Colton which sports a VanGough Starry Night motif, and “Legends of Duffy’s” by artist Annemarie Nicholas that proudly rests on our island’s beloved Duffy’s Tavern. There are over 60 Geckos offered for auction at the Gala scheduled for May 1st. Not sure what they are going for, yet I’m still going to bid on my favorite, “Freedom” by artist January Eldred – this little guy is all red white and blue!

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