Anna Maria Island Bridge is closing for repairs

Mooo…herding cows is a difficult task as well as cars!Well we have all gone through denial, anger, and now acceptance.  The Manatee Drawbridge is closing Monday, September 29th.  It’s a little like a freight train coming straight at us and there’s nothing we can do!  It’s to late to stop, hit reverse, derail the train, whatever.  Speaking with local business owners we all are just “prepared to roll with the punches.”  Some have scheduled their vacation surrounding the bridge repairs while others remain optimistic that the affect will be minimized from the fabulous planning of the city and the Florida Department of Transportation.  If the bridge repair vendor has planned as much as the Florida DOT we should see the bridge repair complete right on time.

Regarding the traffic congestion its going to get rough.  The folks most affected are those commuting to and from work that rely on the Manatee drawbridge to get to or from Anna Maria island.  Island Real Estate is offering deep discounted vacation rentals for employees of the island that are affected by the bridge closure.  We want to do our part and we can to help!

There is an upside to all this…we should develop some young entrepreneurs that take advantage of the traffic congestion and sell hot dogs or lemonade.  The intersection where we should see the most action (or least for that matter) would be Cortez and Gulf Drive.  Don’t worry be happy, if this is the worst thing Anna Maria, FL residents have to deal with in the next few years then life is very good to us in paradise.  After all, it’s only 45 days, sure its going to be a long 45 days but the events in “Bridge the gap” should help and honestly, I would rather not spend the next 45 days anywhere else!

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