AMI Bring It delivery service

AMI Bring It Delivery Service on Anna Maria IslandAnna Maria Island – This is by far an amazing service that should be EVERYWHERE, and after you find out more about the AMI Bring It you’ll definitely think the same.  AMI Bring It is a new service, not even a year old, that will pick up food from specific restaurants all over the island, and then deliver it TO YOU! The service charge is included on the websites menu for your convenience, and I highly suggest this to anyone who’s hungry, but like me, is to lazy to cook or go out. Not only is this service fantastic, but it is also extremely reliable and well conducted.  They even will pick up your items from Pines General Store.

Lets face it, there’s nothing better than laying in bed and having someone else pickup and deliver your food from one of Anna Maria’s best restaurants. Besides, the only time you’d have to get out of your bed would be to go to the front door to get your food, and I’m pretty sure food enough motivation to get out of bed.  So make sure you check out  AMI Bring It online or on their Facebook page!    Call to Order & Deliver: 941-209-1353

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